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Trxstle’s  NEW Convertible Rod Carry System (CRC) is a versatile fly rod & reel storage device that gives you the option of bringing two fully rigged fly rods along on top of your vehicle AND collapses down into a standard double rod and reel case. With innovative features like weather proof rod liners, fly reel padding, fast stowable clamping system and multiple mounting lengths – The CRC System has something to offer all fly anglers. Say goodbye to broken fly rods and damaged reels and use our CRC System to ensure you have your favorite setups with you on every adventure.

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Why the “Reel Up” design? This actually has a few driving factors, so let’s dive in:

  1. Hatch clearance for vehicles with hatch-back style rear entry or trucks with canopies
  2. Low rise profile on roof racks for a more aerodynamic & aesthetic fit
  3. Reduces stress on the rod eyelets while in transport by ensuring the rod is not resting on these fragile sections
  4. Eliminates rod eyelet snags when installing and removing fly rods

Additional specs and info:

  • 2 rod & reel capacity
    • Holds large arbor reels – up to 4.125″ diameter (for larger reels – please inquire)
    • Holds rods up to 10′ in length
    • Maximum Entry Diameter of 1.6in / 40mm (please check your larger eyelet rods)
  • Telescopic design for easy storage and carry
    • Shoulder strap included
  • 4 different length options for mounting on vehicle
  • Proprietary soft-wall rod liner individually suspends rods, and fully protect against damage
  • Padded reel liner protect your reels from damage
  • Weather proof lock cores throughout – 1 key does it all
  • Fully locking quick clamps included. These securely snap into place inside the lid when in carry/storage mode
    • Clamp to round, square and aero style cross bars
  • 15 lb dry weight


Our liners are made from a proprietary rubber with a low friction surface treatment.  Spray lubricants typically contain volatile additives or solvents that will immediately degrade or destroy the liners.  We strongly advise against using any kind of spray lubricant on the CRC System per our FAQ page.


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