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CRC System T-Slot Mounts

CRC System T-Slot Mounts

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Effortlessly adapt your CRC System to seamlessly integrate with nearly any T-slot equipped roof rack system, providing unparalleled versatility for your CRC System fly rod carrier.

Each set of T-Slot Mounting Clamps comes complete with two locking knobs, ensuring swift and secure attachment and detachment of your CRC System. The inclusion of keys adds an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind during transport and storage. Compatible with all generations of the CRC System, these clamps offer a universal fit to practically any t-slot equipped cross bar system.

Made from precision-machined aluminum, the clamps boast a hard anodized black finish, not only delivering a sleek aesthetic but also providing durability to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Trxstle's commitment to quality is evident in the overbuilt design, ensuring a robust and secure connection between your CRC System and the roof rack.

As a bonus, every set of T-Slot Mounting Clamps includes the latest release of Trxstle's locking security knobs, offering an advanced level of protection for your valuable gear. Elevate your fly fishing experience with the reliability, adaptability, and style that Trxstle's T-Slot Mounting Clamps bring to your CRC System.

Tech Specs
6061-T6 Aluminum Construction
Weatherproof hard anodized finish
Includes two locking knobs
Low Profile - Only 0.8" (20mm) tall
Stainless Steel Hardware
Knob Dimensions: 2.375in Ø x 1.5" Tall
System Height From Crossbar: 7.75in
M8 T-Nuts & Bolts
3 Length Settings
Minimum clearance from top of crossbar: 1in/2.5cm
Minimum key clearance form top of crossbar: 2in/5cm
Longest Length Setting: 3.1" / 79mm, Middle Length Setting: 2.3" / 59mm, Shortest Length Setting: 1.5" / 39mm
Minimum Installation Clearance: 1" / 2.5cm
Minimum Key Clearance: 2" / 5cm
Quick FAQ's
Q: Will this fit my ________ crossbars?
A: Your crossbars should be able to fit an M8 bolt (Roughly equivalent to a 5/16" bolt). The latest revision to the T-slot adapters now have 3 length positions to adapt to any crossbar width!

Q: What size are the T-nuts?
A: Our T-nuts have an M8 thread and are 0.15" X 0.625" X 1.5" (3.6mm X 16mm x 38mm). Our T-slot nuts are designed to fit the widest array of T-slot sizes possible. If you're not sure they will fit or want to check, email with your T-slot dimensions and we will confirm for you.

Q: What if my T-slots are too small for M8 hardware?
A: We can assist! The T-slot mounts will work with smaller M6 (1/4" equivalent) mounting hardware which we can help you source.

Q: What are these made out of?
A: Solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy with stainless hardware.

Q: Can I leave these on my rack after I remove my CRC System?
A: Yes, simply tighten the knob after you remove your CRC System and you can leave the T-slot mounts installed full time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Mergen
CRC T-slot clamp review

I have the Yakima Jetstream cross bars mounted on a Pace Edwards Ultragroove tonneaus cover for my truckbed. I created a ‘hack’ to utilize the Trxstle CRC v3.0-adjustable (11’6”) rod carry to pass through my rear window opening utilizing a Minicell closed cell foam block. The foam block supports some of the length of the the carrier and plugs up most of the space between the carrier and the window opening reducing wind/road noise. I cut the block to slide into the rear window opening and then cut an opening in the foam block for the rod tubes to slide freely through. I prefer to have my system break down quickly and store as I prefer not to have it attached long term. For my setup, the CRC T-slot mounts are a big improvement over the clamp design for me and look a little ‘cleaner’. The only draw back is that they only fit on one side of my Jetstream bars due to the limited length of the mounts. I wish the bracket arm that holds the locking mechanism was longer so it was a little easier to access my hand to them as well as to be able to mount on either side of the bar. As it stands, the hand turning lock sits right up against the crossbar with sufficient but little room to negotiate. Overall, it is a good improvement over the clamp design, works very well and it was worth the price for me.

Erik Swensson
Awesome fit

I have a large rack on my truck that has the t-slot mounts. They fit perfectly.