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Installation & Instructions

This video shows the steps to install and use the Geryon Universal Bike Packing System.

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universal design

3 crc systems at different lengths on the adventure van

By utilizing the fork steerer and seatpost as mounting points, the Geryon can be used on almost any bicycle. No matter what kind of riding you do, you can bring up to 30 lbs of your favorite gear for camping, fishing, hunting, trail building... the choices are endless.

BONUS: The Geryon's unique design won't hamper your steering, suspension, or dropper post functionality!


With adjustable angles and positions, the Geryon will accommodate your bike and gear like no other rack on the market. Items that were previously too bulky to bring along can now be securely attached in a variety of ways. The modular design allows you to pick and choose how you configure your rack for your needs.


With the optional Utility Deck, the Geryon can adapt to carrying larger gear like hunting tools and other long bulky items. The six point bolt system on the top and bottom of each decks allows you to attach Trxstle accessories and anything else you can imagine. The flexible system will support numerous future accessories from Trxstle!

mounting requirements

Steerer Tube

The Geryon's forward mounting point uses a 10mm tall headset spacer mounted under the stem. This spacers fits on a standard 1 and 1/8" diameter threadless fork steerer. Please see below for detailed fit dimensions.


The Geryon's rear mounting point uses your seatpost. Currently the system comes with mounting spacers to fit seatpost diameters:

• 27.2mm

• 30.9mm

• 31.6mm

important fit Information

Your bicycle must have a minimum of 10mm of headset spacers to install the Geryon's custom headset spacer mount.

The custom headset spacer must be mounted below your stem.

We recommend having a professional bicycle mechanic install the headset spacer.

The system requires just one 4mm allen key for installation or adjustment.


installation video