• Ethan Parsons

    Ethan is an avid angler from northern Idaho. You'll most often find Ethan powering through trails and riverbanks in his off-road wheelchair, searching for trout. Ethan has spent his entire life in the outdoors and doesn't let anything get in the way of his passion for fishing. His indomitable spirit and positivity is inspiring to any and all who meet him.

  • Tanner Richter

    Tanner is an Idaho native who grew up getting after it in the outdoors. If we didn't know any better, we would assume his full time job is finding awesome fish in awesome places all over the Northwest. You can find Tanner on any given day bushwhacking to a secret spot, searching for the next big fish on the fly.

  • Megan Brown

    Megan is a Portland native who grew up fly fishing with her family in the Pacific Northwest and has gotten her wading boots wet all across the US. She's been a Trxstle supporter since our KickStarter days. When she's not slinging flies, you can find her in the mountains trail running or climbing.

    Megan's sense of humor is second to none, if you meet out on the water be ready to have a good laugh!

  • Tyler Coleman

    Tyler is a true trout fanatic. So much so he has combined his passion for fishing with his career in conservation. If he isn't holding a rod you'll often find him still in the river with a clipboard in hand, hard at work. Tyler and his wife have a habit of getting back from fishing in the dark, often from places most people don't venture in daylight.

    If you meet Tyler on the water ask him about the Western Native Trout Initiative, you won't be sorry you

  • Joe Davies

    Joe is a bit of a unicorn. Every sport we love, Joe does. Fly fishing? check. Surfing? Dude surfs in Australia. Skiing? He's a former Olympic aerialist and a total pow junky. Mountain biking? Yup, he does that too. Pair all of that with Joe's unquenchable thirst for outdoor adventure and you've got the perfect recipe for an outdoor ambassador.

    It is sometimes disturbing how much Joe looks like Johnny Depp. Just sayin'.

  • Jeff Hartzell

    Jeff will tell you that his biggest accomplishment is not the work he does or the sports he loves, but being a good dad and husband. 'Mile High' Hartzell broke the Ambassador mold and appealed to our sense of family when he told us he was just a dad who likes to fish and ski.

    Don't let his modesty fool you. Jeff isn't only a great dad, he's also a fantastic angler and skier.
    When he's not slinging pancakes on the weekends you'll find him slinging pre-dawn streamers before work or hucking cliffs on a pow day. What ever he's doing, MHH gives it everything he has.

  • Shaun Miller

    Shaun "Chuck Barracuda" Miller. We love everything about this guy. He catches fish, he rides BMX and he loves to snowboard. On any given weekend you'll find Shaun and his wife, Haley, seeking out adventure together - whether its at the local ski hill, the skate park or their favorite stretch of river.

    Shaun uses fly fishing to keep himself outdoors while balancing out the high intensity sports he loves. At least until his reel starts buzzing.

  • Anthony Jenca

    A total trout addict, you'll find Anthony searching for browns in the White Mountains of Arizona. Surprisingly he's a convert, switching full time to fly fishing after getting completely hooked. He even sold all his other fishing gear when he made the switch!

    If you meet Anthony ask him about fishing in Arizona. It's not the first state that comes to mind when you think trout, but what he says will surprise you.

  • Taylor Stinnett

    Taylor spends her days slaying fat trout in Bend, OR. She spends enough time on the river that people sometime ask if she ever works, or just fishes (um...we don't really understand the question...).

    Taylor is a Coors connoisseur and keeps the stoke high with her close crew from the Central Oregon Lady Anglers. Fun fact, Taylor is a total dog whisperer. Just ask her pup Ranger.Statistically speaking, Taylor spends more time in waders than actual pants.

  • Janelle Johnson

    If you need to energize a group of folks on any given outdoor adventure, Janelle is your gal. We love Janelle because she brings an endless amount of optimism and enthusiasm to any activity. Residing in Portland, OR - Janelle has been a long supporter of Trxstle and all that we strive to represent.

    Janelle is up for any kind of adventure, fly fishing, bikes, surfing, skiing, snowboarding... you name a time and a place and she'll drive all night to be there.

  • Bri Nottingham

    When Bri isn't catching huge football shaped trout with her partner in crime, Matt, you can find her raising chickens and taking care of her bee hive at home. Her positivity is seemingly endless, as is her enthusiasm for a good boxed wine in the back country.

    Bri spends her working days renovating and restoring classic campers at her business, River & Pine. Need a fully renovated classic camper trailer? Bri is the one to talk to.

  • Matthew Nottingham

    Matt is a Montana native and a true seeker of all things fishy. Matt's list of secret spots is longer than anyone else we know. So good luck getting him to divulge any of his fishing intel (we will keep trying)! When Matt isn't out fishing with Bri, you'll find him winning local dance competitions in the name of charity or sipping whiskey in the hot tub.

    Despite his tight lipped attitude and mediocre wood chopping skills, Matt's the kind of guy who will meet you at 3 AM to get on the water at the break of dawn.

  • JD Desrosiers

    There are a few words that come to mind when describing JD, good time, great attitude, willing to help,
    and creeking. Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains of South and North Carolina, you can find JD
    hiking into remote locations to chase down beautiful wild trout.

    When not chasing wild trout JD loves to help with product development in the industry and volunteers
    with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources on conservation projects and native trout
    restoration projects. If you are looking to hike into the back country of the southeast, and have a few good
    laughs along the way, then JD is your man.

  • Scott Channing

    Scott can probably be found outside if you need him - although he most likely won't see your text until tomorrow when he is back in cell service. You may find him mountain biking (wrecking), climbing (falling), or fly fishing (missing hooksets) across the rocky mountain west traveling in his 1988 Land Cruiser (broken down).