Artist Series By Off The Grid John

Behind The Designs

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It’s Off the Grid John, AKA John Tamboles. I am a dad, husband, veteran, fisherman, artist and graphic designer residing in the Treasure Coast of Florida. After the army... I made the tough decision to leave a great company and apprentice at a tattoo shop while also going back to school for graphic design.

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"Flip the script on the predator-prey relationship of your favorite fly fishing pattern."

Artist Series Tees

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Seamless Print Fly Box

Trxstle's new artist series fly box featuring a full 360­° print. Ultra-fine matte finish for maximum detail. Double sided fly box with silicone fly inserts.

Grab N' Go Gear Tote

Whether you keep your favorite fly box and wading boots at the ready in the rugged, water resistant bag, or just keep it handy for everyday errands, the Grab n' Go Gear Tote will carry your everyday essentials in style.

Canvas Prints

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Artist Series Sticker Pack

Get all your favorite Tough To Swallow series graphics in our sticker 5-pack. Stickers are approximately 4" x 3" each.