original artwork

quality canvas prints


Trxstle's original artist series designs have exploded in popularity over the years. We're so grateful for and impressed by the hard work and talent of artist Morgan Brown, we've decided to offer these original art pieces as high quality, framed canvas prints. From the vibrant colors of the Tumbleweed Series to the extra small details hidden in the River Bum Series, these designs pair perfectly with our borderless, wrapped canvas displays. Trxstle is proud to donate a portion of all sales on these limited edition canvas prints back to the Artist.


River Bum Series

Tumbleweed Series

The Artist: Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown is the artist behind our Tumbleweed and River Bum series. Her illustrations can be seen on much of our apparel and accessories. Her unique style has taken our broad range of ideas and transformed them into some of our all time favorite visuals.