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We put together a collection of useful videos showing how to use the CRC System along with tips and tricks to make the most of your new rod carrier.

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Product information


Trxstle's original fly rod carrier roof rack system provides secure and convenient storage for your fully rigged fly rods with unsurpassed fly fishing gear protection. Keep your fly fishing rods rigged and ready to fish or quickly take the rod carrier down and collapse it into a portable fishing rod case in just minutes with the fastest and easiest to use mounting system on the market.

Designed, engineered and made by professional fishing guides in Helena, MT, this is not your average "rod vault". This fly rod case is equipped with our patented, protective, no-snag, reel-up design. The CRC System is the only telescopic fishing rod carrier on the market, and securely mounts to cars, trucks, and any vehicle with a factory or aftermarket roof rack.

With adjustable mounting lengths, pre-installed complete reel padding, and patented suspension rod liners, the convertible rod carry system is the most versatile rod carrier with the best fly fishing equipment protection available.

Protects rods and rod guides
Vehicle Hatch Clearance
Low Profile Mounting
Aerodynamic & Quiet Shape
Mounting Clamps Included
Spring Loaded Locking Lid
Pre-Installed Reel Padding
4 Telescopic Adjustable Mounting Lengths
Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Hardware
UV Rated Plastics
Patented Soft Wall Suspension Rod Liners
Tech Specs
Mounts in 4 telescopic lengths
Stainless steel hardware
Holds two fully rigged rods up to 10' 4"
Clamps include keyed lock nuts & tool
15 lb dry weight
Holds reels up to 4.5" diameter
Max entry (rod guide) size of 1.6in / 40mm
Fits fighting butts up to 5" long
Fully Extended Length: 126" 3/4 Length: 98" 1/2 Length: 67" Fully Collapsed Length: 44"
Aluminum Tubes Max Height: 2.5" Aluminum Tubes Max Width: 5.3" Reel Housing Max Height: 7.5" Reel Housing Max Width: 7.125" Max entry (rod guide) size of 1.6in / 40mm Holds reels up to 4.5" diameter
Minimum Crossbar Mounting Distance: 32" No maximum spread
Q: What's new in v3.0?
A: v3.0 of the CRC System incorporates a completely redesigned main housing and door seal, incorporating the finger pull into the lid. We've also added new colors, improved joint stiffness, and upgraded hardware materials for better performance in salt environments.

Q: Can I mount this upside down?
A: The CRC System is not designed to be mounted upside down as this eliminates the benefits of the Reels-Up design.

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: The CRC System installs in just a few minutes. It's the fastest installation available on the market today.

Q: Does it lock?
A: Yes, the reel compartment has a push button, locking latch and the mounting clamps use custom security nuts or our optional Lock Body Clamp Kit upgrade.

Q: How long of a fly rod will it hold?
A: 10'4"

Q: How big of a reel will it hold?
A: Up to a 4.5" arbor diameter.

Q: What size (weight) rod will it fit?
A: Measure your largest stripping guide on your rod. The CRC System has a 1.6" diameter (40mm) opening (largest fly rod carrier opening on the market). Usually rods over 8wt require measuring to ensure fit.

Q: What if I want to carry more than 2 rods?
A: We have a 2-pack available for that!

Q: Can I take the CRC System through a car wash?
A: NO. Do not bring your CRC System through automated car wash systems. As with most roof racks and rack accessories, the mechanical elements of the car wash can become entangled and damage your CRC System, your vehicle, and the carwash itself.