CRC System v2.0

The CRC System provides secure and convenient storage for your fully rigged fly rods with unsurpassed gear protection. Every CRC System comes with secure mounting clamps, padding in the reel compartment, and our proprietary suspended rod liners. Leave your gear on your vehicle full time or quickly take the CRC System down and collapse it into carry mode in just minutes with the fastest and easiest to use mounting system on the market. Equipped with our patented, protective, no-snag, reel-up design - this is not your average rod carrier.

  • Two standard clamps with security hardware included
  • Holds two fully rigged rods up to 10' in length
  • Holds reels up to 4.25" diameter
  • Maximum Entry (rod guide) Diameter of 1.6in / 40mm
  • 15 lb dry weight
  • Spring loaded, locking hatch
  • Mounts in 4 telescopic lengths
  • Weatherproof
  • UV Rated plastics
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Standard size clamps fit round bars from 7/8" - 1 7/8" in diameter
  • XL size clamps fit round bars from 1 3/4" - 2 1/8" in diameter
  • Shoulder strap sold separately


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clamp size guide

For most factory/OEM racks we recommend the standard clamps. See the selection tool for exceptions.

Please select rack make:
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telescopic design

3 crc systems at different lengths on the adventure van

At only 15 lbs, it's easy to bring the CRC System anywhere in carry mode.  Take it on the plane or store it someplace convenient when not in use.  When you're ready to use your CRC System, mount it in any of it's four telescopic lengths in minutes using our patented, locking, quick-clamp system.

BONUS: The low profile, aerodynamic shape is quiet and means more clearance for your vehicle's hatch or canopy. 

complete protection

3 crc systems at different lengths on the adventure van

Your guides are always safe.  With our reel up design, the weight of your rod won't break your guides while driving on rough roads.  In addition, you'll never snag a guide when inserting a rod.  If reel up wasn't enough, our soft walled, suspended liners and padded housing ensure your gear stays safe.

quick clamp system

3 crc systems at different lengths on the adventure van

The CRC System is designed to fit on all major manufacturer cross bars, from round to square to aero. The included pair of quick clamps lock onto your roof rack with no additional tools in just minutes.

Have a special rack situation or not sure about fit? We're here to help.


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Standard CRC System Mounting Distances

Please note the minimum mounting distance for any extended mounting of the CRC. The only exception to this rule is if you are mounting the unit when in the fully collapsed position. We recommend a minimum of 32" between mounting points.


Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Jean Michel Poulot
Very Happy With My Purchase!

Very happy with my purchase - exceeded my expectations!!!! Very good quality. I will to put some photos on my Instagram. Thank you for developing a great product.
Cheers. Jm Instagram. Livetolivetofish

Zach S.
Exactly what I was looking for

For reference, I drive a 4Runner with a Prinsu full length roof rack. I have spent several hours researching many different “rod vaults” looking for something that was collapsible because I hate the way the rod vaults look on 4Runners when they’re fully extended. What I mean is that typically, rod vaults are at least 9’-10’ in length to accommodate most standard fly rods. With a 4Runner, these vaults left about a 2’ overhang over the front of the windshield and to me has always looked so goofy. I also wanted the system to easily collapse and extend.

I picked the Trxstle CRC 2.0 system because it collapsed and allowed for mounting in any of the 4 adjustable positions. Additionally, based off of the many how-to videos, it seemed super easy to manipulate the positions.

Day-to-day I run the vault in a 3/4 position so that it sits almost flush with the windshield and extends just past the front of the roof rack (Prinsu full length racks aren’t quite flush with the windshield on 4Runner’s). When I’m going to the river, I quickly extend out the last quarter and run it full length, and when I’m done I break it back down to 3/4. Using a timer I found that it took me about 6 minutes and 30 seconds to set it up to full extension, and about the same to bring it back down to 3/4 (all while mounted to the roof). As far as hardware, I currently have two of the low profile mounting brackets that come standard with the purchase and they work fine with my prinsu roof rack. I will probably end up purchasing more (see below for reason). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the locking brackets because there was not enough clearance between the top of my cab and the bottom of my roof rack.

With those things being said…

-Modular and collapsible
-Extends to allow room for most fly rods
-Easy install/set-up/tear-down
-Top-notch customer service
-Reels up design
-No vibration or noise when the vault is on the roof rack

-The locking mechanism on the vault door is kinda finicky. Does what it is designed to do, but I think it could be better.
-When fully extended I noticed that the vault section (the fourth section) overhanging the windshield vibrates a bit. This is due to the section being smaller than the section it’s housed in so that it can slide back in for storage. This wouldn’t be an issue on any vehicle that has no overhang due to cab or topper length, but on a 4Runner with the vault at full extension you can expect some vibration. I’ve driven several double digit miles on the interstate going around 75mph with it fully extended and have had no issues (also no noise….whew). Only reason it’s a con is because I find myself always looking up to make sure it’s still good while I’m driving down the highway. Recommend getting an extra clamp or two if you plan on driving with it fully extended all the time just for an extra measure or security.

All in all, this is a great product and I would highly recommend if you’re looking for something modular and easy to use. If they ever decide to come out with a 3-rod carrier I’ll definitely be buying it again!

Frederic Grooms
Pros and Cons

I purchased my CRC system in Sept. 2021. It's been installed on my Leer camper shell with Thule AeroBlades since that time. I've taken the system on and off several times to adjust the cross blades and the CRC system for improved fit. I'd like to share my list of the pros and cons of this system. This is the first rod tube system I have owned, so I can't compare it to other products. I can only share my experience with the CRC system.
Reels up. You slide the rods in with the line guides up which prevents damage. This was why I selected this system.
Super light material but well constructed.
Easy to install and remove.
Easy to collapse and store without having to use any tools other than the nut key they provide.
Reels are separated in the back of the lockbox.
Reels slide in easily even when rigged with large streamers or nymph rigs with an indicator.
The lockbox is covered in light foam that will help protect your reels. I still use my reel covers to help protect them.
They offer standard and XL clamps that will fit all crossbars.
I've driven my truck down some of the dustiest roads you can imagine without any dust getting into the system!
So far the CRC system does seem to be totally waterproof.
When secured to the crossbars the system does not bounce around or make any noise when driving.

The reason for the four stars and not a five-star review is the lockbox. I'm not a fan of the Tubular Cam Lock with the tubular key. The key is very awkward to use, especially when you have to reach above your head to lock and unlock the box the cam lock key is difficult to get in place.
The CRC system is designed to be very light and portable. A pro feature. As part of that idea the lockbox also has to be light as well. However, this makes the overall lockbox less secure. Someone could relatively easily break into this box. I wish the reel lockbox was more secure with a heaver locking system, or there was an option for a heaver box maybe. Because of this, I do not store my rods for long periods of time in the box. I'm less worried about this when I'm actually on the river or camping. Folks on the river and camping always seem to look out for each other. I feel like it's more of a problem around town.
The only other con I have is that the locking key and nut for the bar clamps are a little difficult to use. There's not a fix for this it's just the way it is and you should know about it. If you're planning on taking your CRC system on and off a lot this will cause you a little frustration but it's not a deal-breaker for me.

In summary, I will be purchasing an additional system soon to hold two additional rods. There are just too many pros not to use this system. Living on the North Platte River in Wyoming and having the ability to keep your rods rigged and ready to go is a must.

Spencer Gilliam
CRC 2.0 System is Fantastic!

Quality product built and engineered right here in the U.S. Great craftsmanship/intuitive design that took me all of 10 minutes to unpack and put on my pick up. Liked it so much my best friend bought one on my recommendation!

Ryan Cicero
Back mountain road certified

It has performed great so far! Had many trips to the Trinity and Klamath rivers and it has performed outstanding. I always get compliments on it. My only wish is that it held my Spey rod. Other than that it has been a great system very easy to install and remove. Left it attached to get my tree in the Mount Shasta area made minimal noise on pretty rocky roads. And kept my rods safe.

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