CRC System v2.0



The CRC System provides secure and convenient storage for your fully rigged fly rods with unsurpassed gear protection. Leave your gear on your vehicle full time in the extended 10' mode, or quickly take the CRC System down and telescope it into it's 44" carry mode. Equipped with suspended rod liners, reel padding, keyed locking attachment to your vehicle, and a reel-up design - this is not your average rod carrier.

  • Two quick clamps with low profile hardware included
  • Holds two fully rigged rods up to 10' in length
  • Holds reels up to 4.25" diameter (inquire for larger reels)
  • Maximum Entry Diameter of 1.6in / 40mm (please check your larger eyelet rods)
  • 15 lb dry weight
  • Spring loaded, locking hatch
  • 4 telescopic lengths to choose from
  • Weatherproof
  • UV Rated plastics
  • All stainless hardware
clamp size guide

For most factory/OEM racks we recommend the standard clamps. See the selection tool for exceptions.

Please select rack make:
Please select rack model:
Clamp Style You Will Need:


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telescopic design

3 crc systems at different lengths on the adventure van

At only 15 lbs, it's easy to bring the CRC System anywhere in carry mode.  Take it on the plane or store it someplace convenient when not in use.  When you're ready to use your CRC System, mount it in any of it's four telescopic lengths in minutes using our patented, locking, quick-clamp system.

BONUS: The low profile, aerodynamic shape is quiet and means more clearance for your vehicle's hatch or canopy. 

complete protection

Your guides are always safe.  With our reel up design, the weight of your rod won't break your guides while driving on rough roads.  In addition, you'll never snag a guide when inserting a rod.  If reel up wasn't enough, our soft walled, suspended liners and padded housing ensure your gear stays safe.

quick clamp system

The CRC System is designed to fit on all major manufacturer cross bars, from round to square to aero.  The included pair of quick clamps lock onto your roof rack with no additional tools in just minutes.

Have a special rack situation or not sure about fit? We're here to help.


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Standard CRC System Mounting Distances

Please note the minimum mounting distance for any extended mounting of the CRC. The only exception to this rule is if you are mounting the unit when in the fully collapsed position. We recommend a minimum of 32" between mounting points.


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Nice Piece ! we go. I replaced a competitors version with the Trxstle mainly because of the 'guides up' configuration. You may think that's not a big deal but , especially on 7wt and larger the physical weight of the reel really puts a load on that first guide especially offroad. It doesn't matter if they are cheap rods or expensive , there ain't no reason to break em. I didn't think the 'collapsible' feature was much of a benefit ,but if you wanted to take it off for some reason it would make it easier to store. The lock kit is a no brainer , must have it ! Now to future products and purchases......I would pay extra for an 'optional' aluminum mounting bracket ! This one has been in Florida now for a few months (needs stainless springs on the lid). How about a spinning rod version ? Ya'll Rock...Fish On.

Trexstle rod carrier

Just got my rod carrier and uses it yesterday. Works great!

Great job. 👍🏽

Picked mine up at Sheels in Colorado. So glad I found this. Was about to purchase a different product but so far I find the Trxstle not only a better value but also a better fit for me in every way. I really appreciate the eyes up design. Looking forward to other innovations the folks at Trxstles bring to the fly fishing community.

V 2.0

The v2.0 is bullet proof with a hint of sexy ness it will complement any vehicle but most of all it will securely protect your most prized fly rods

Awesome Rod Carrier

After researching several well known rod carriers I chose the Trxstle CRC system V 2.0.
One of the main reasons was the reel up, eyes up storage to protect my rods.
After receiving and installing I was fully impressed with the design, sturdiness and ease of installation.
I will be purchasing a 2nd unit and would highly recommend this rod carrier.

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