Roof Rack Fit Guide

Standard CRC System Clamps

The CRC System’s standard clamps are designed to work with the most popular cross bar shapes available for automotive roof racks.

  • Yakima Round Bars
  • Yakima Aero Bars
  • Thule Rectangular (AKA “Square”) Bars
  • Thule Aero Bars
  • Rhino Rack Aero Bars
  • Similarly sized bar systems*

If you have any questions regarding the fit and function of our clamps with a specific rack setup, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Please include any pictures you can, vehicle make and model and rack brand/model, and dimensions such as the width and thickness of your cross bars, and the clearance from the underside of the crossbar to the roof of your vehicle.

Useful Dimensions:

Other cross bar sizes, shapes and mounting notes.

Some factory aerobars are very low and close to the roof of the vehicle and extremely thin.  For these applications we are releasing a Low Profile Clamp Kit.  The kit consists of two (2) new pieces that replace the existing lock housings that fit into the clamp arms, two (2) narrow bar rubber padded spacers for thin cross bars, and two (2) security nuts to replace the full size knob.  The driver for the security nuts is included with the kit.

Commercial grade racks are generally too large in size for our standard clamps.  The majority of these rack systems include T-nut slots and we have developed a T-nut slot adapter kit that will allow our standard quick clamps to be used with these larger cross bars.  Expect the T-nut mounting adapter to be released early in 2019.

*Please contact us if you have a unique or odd cross bar system and we will do our best to get you up and running.

Aero Bar Measurements (Yakima/Thule)

Rhino Bar Measurements

Round Bar Measurements (Yakima/Other)
Square Bar Measurements (Yakima/Thule)

Mounting Distances

Please note the minimum mounting distance for any extended mounting of the CRC.  The only exception to this rule is if you are mounting the unit when in the fully collapsed position.