Introducing Joe Davies

We are absolutely stoked to announce our new Trxstle ambassador Joe Davies! Joe embodies the Tight Lines of all Kinds vibe brilliantly and we couldn't be more proud to have a dude of His caliber representing us, and our products.

Joe Davies and his skis

It wasn't an easy task (hey, he's a busy guy!), but we caught up with Joe during his recent travels abroad as the head technical coach for the Australian Aerial Olympic Ski Team. We sometimes struggle to put into words just how similar fly fishing, skiing, mountain biking, and surfing really are. Those who know, just know. In our recent conversation with Joe, we found he captured our sentiments perfectly. So let's just let him explain it!

How about an introduction?

My name is Joe Davies and as a younger man I was a professional skier and member of the US Freestyle Ski Team. So, I was born a skier at heart. When I retired from Skiing, I traveled through Europe and caught my first wave in Hossegor, France at about 5am and I was hooked… it was all I did for the rest of my time in Europe! Then later in life I moved to New Zealand and really got into Surfing and learned how to Fly Fish,  I did a lot of Ocean fishing as well. But it wasn’t until I moved to Utah that I really embraced Mountain Biking and became obsessed with Fly Fishing. And once in Utah, Backcountry Skiing was so accessible that I quickly fell in love with exploring the Wasatch and Uinta ranges. Living in Park City provides so many options to partake in my passions and you don’t have to travel far to do get after it.

Joes Davies and surfboard

Tight Lines of all Kinds - What's it mean to you?

The fact is that I am a multi-sport athlete. Simply put, my mind is constantly on Fly Fishing, Surfing, Back Country Skiing or Mountain Biking. When I discovered Trxstle, I immediately reached out and was like “those are all my passions… I need to be involved with what you are doing!” I couldn’t believe it… it was like there was a company build especially for everything I love to do! And I am a bit of a gear junkie, and everything that the guys at Trxstle do is so clever and well designed. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Joes Davies and a Trout

How do you entertain yourself over the 4 seasons of the year?

Well, due to the fact that I travel so much in both the northern and southern hemispheres, seasons are not that relevant to me. I fly fish year-round for sure, but summer is definitely my favorite season to fish because it is light out for so long and you have so many options in regards to fishing styles! I mountain bike and skateboard in the summer and fall. In the winter and spring you will find me touring in backcountry. I really haven’t skied a resort in a couple of years to be honest… it is much more satisfying to earn your turns! And because I am land-locked in Utah, I have to travel to surf, so that is kind of a year-round activity for me too! And it doesn’t hurt that I am the Coach of the Australian Freestyle Aerials Ski Team, so I surf Australia/Indo-Pacific a couple times a year and make a few runs down to San Diego or Hawaii to get some waves! I suppose this explains why I am poor…hahahaha!

When you are at home in Utah, what are you up to?

The problem is I typically can’t be found! When I am not Coaching, I am in the backcountry somewhere, Fly Fishing, Skiing, or Mountain Biking. I love the solitude Utah can offer when you start to really get to know it. I really love to explore new waters, new lines or new trails.

What draws you outside? What do you attribute this need to get out to?

For sure, the wilderness insights a certain Zen-like State… but deep down I am an adrenaline junkie. Whether it is the initial tug on your line, or ripping down a trail on your bike, or about to drop into some crazy line, or the water is pumping… your heart starts racing and your mind gets ultra-focused. I suppose I am addicted to that contradiction. The Zen that is generated from getting your adrenaline pumping!

Yep. What he said.

Thanks again for joining our crew Joe - jazzed to have you on-board and looking forward to 2018!

Joe Davies mountain biking