Welcome To The Team: Megan Brown

We (virtually) sat down with our newest Trxstle team member, Megan Brown, and asked her some questions to find out what makes her tick. We're so incredibly pumped to welcome Megan to the Trxstle crew and after getting her take on these questions, its pretty clear why. Thanks for bringing the stoke, Megan! Looking forward to getting out on the water this summer.

1) Obligatory "How did you start fly fishing/Who got you into fly fishing"? 
Megan: I grew up throwing copper blue foxes with my dad and older brother and while being obsessed with A River Runs Through It. It was only a matter of time!

1a) Where are you from? Where do you live now? 
Megan: I am from and still live in the beautiful city of Portland, OR.

1b) If you could choose anywhere to relocate - where do you go? 
Megan: Montana. Literally anywhere in Montana. 

Shed Hunt

2) Who do you usually go fishing with? 
Megan: The boyfriend.

3) If you could take any historical person fishing, who would it be and why? 
Megan: Theodore Roosevelt because duh. 

4) What do you like to do besides fly fish? 
Megan: Haha, oh goodness… Pretty much anything outside. Bouldering, backpacking, trail running… The list goes on. 
I was also a competitive figure skater for 15 years, so that was fun, I guess 

5) Favorite arts and crafts activity? 
Megan: I love to sketch and build things. I will make up any excuse to go to Home Depot.

6) Fries or tots? Tacos or burritos? 
Megan: Fries. Tots are weird. How dare you ask such a insensitive question like that! Both of course. 

7) Fly pattern you use the most? Tie or buy? 
Megan: Elk Hair Caddis are my go-to. Tie when its easy, buy when it’s not. 

8) How did you first hear about Trxstle? 
Megan: I saw a kick-starter for the CRC system like 3 years ago? And successfully bugged the crap out of Morgan via email for about a year until I received mine. (Sorry Morgan) 

(no worries Megan, you're one of the friendliest customers we've ever had!)

9) What piece of gear should Trxstle make next? 
Megan: The one they are planning on...

10) What's one of your favorite movies? 
Megan: See first question. 
Oh, and Fried Green Tomatoes. That’s good too. 

11) Assuming you have a playlist to get pumped, what's song number 1? 

Megan: Sunrise by Ryan Bingham 

12)What do you do to make money so you can pay for food, flies, gear and gas? 

Megan: I am a sales manager for a steel manufacturing company. Did you yawn? Because I did. 

(No, we're engineers. Tell me more.)


13) Most fish you've caught in a day? Biggest fish? Favorite fish? Favorite fishing trip? 
Megan: Ew, I do not like this question. Haha. 
How many..? 976543.5 
Biggest fish..? Like this big…
Favorite fish...? The ones in the water. 
Favorite fishing trip? 
Montana two summers ago. Because I was under a Montana thunder storm in pouring rain, next to a bear while fishing on the Gallatin River. Like seriously? I am not making this up! 

14) A wizard turns you into your spirit animal, what are you? 
Megan: I would like to say something majestic and cool but most likely I am a rodent of some sort. 

15) When are we going fishing?! No seriously, please take us fishing we haven't figured out how to escape being at work. 
It’s funny you ask, look out the window…

We'd like to say thank you again, Megan, for all you do to support Trxstle and for indulging us by answering these questions. Once again - welcome to the crew!
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