What's A Geryon?

We sat down with Geryon designer and Trxstle co-founder, Morgan Misek to ask him what the Geryon is and who it's made for. Read on to see what he had to say, or watch the video to learn more.

What the hell is a Geryon?

In Greek mythology Geryon was a three headed giant, the grandson of Medusa, and nephew of Pegasus. The Great Western Railway company in England used this namesake for one of their Ariadne class locomotives, a mighty steam engine built to haul people and equipment over long distances.

What's that have to do with the product?

Much like it's namesake, our Geryon is a multi headed monster, boasting a front and rear rack. True to the origins and history of our company, our Geryon is also there to help you bring your favorite gear along for the ride.

How does it work?

Who is the Geryon for?

When I first started working on the concept for this product it was intended to be the bridge between fly fishing and mountain biking.  Once I started testing prototypes and taking the first versions of the product out into the wild it became apparent that it was going to be useful for so much more than fly fishing. Pedaling to fishing spots had me thinking about multi-day trips, how hunters could use the rack system to access gated public lands, and what other kinds of oddball outdoor gear I could strap to the system. Since then We've done everything from bike commuting and running errands to hauling tools for trail building. It sounds cliché to say it, but the Geryon is for everyone. If you need to bring gear or supplies on your bike there isn't a more versatile product available.

After testing and using the Geryon for over a year now my favorite use has definitely become overnight mountain biking trips. I'm able to pack my ultralight 2 person tent, sleeping setup, food, and clothing with room to spare. Paired with the Big Water Case for my phone and valuables, mounted on our slip mount via the waterbottle cage mounts, it's an unbeatable combo.

Meanwhile, John (Trxstle's other co-founder) has put the Geryon to work chasing Antelope, hunting in Montana. The Utility Deck paired up with an off-road capable e-bike makes covering ground quickly and quietly easy to accomplish. 

Leave The Car At Home

Regardless of the activity you want to pursue or the bike you own, the Geryon is here to bridge the gap between riding your bike and your favorite outdoor activity. I'm confident that once you get a taste of what the Geryon can do you'll think of an endless number of ways to put it to use enjoying the outdoors and your favorite pursuits.

Learn More About The Geryon

More photos, videos and technical details of the Geryon are available on the product page. The Geryon is available now directly from Trxstle and through select retailers nationwide.

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