Escape The Crowds

For a lot of people who spend time outdoors the presence of others is now a given. Trailheads that were empty 5 years ago are seeing full parking lots on week days and overflow on weekends. In less populated areas, folks are driving farther and farther to find empty pullouts on the rivers they fish or the lands they hunt. The outdoor industry has grown tremendously in the last 2 years, bringing new users and an abundance of demand after quarantines and isolation left people searching for an escape.

The act of discovering new places to fish, hunt, and camp is a big part of what draws people to these outdoor pursuits. Whether you're looking for that secluded camp spot, an untouched stretch of river, or some untracked territory to hunt, the need to cover ground quickly and efficiently is paramount. With more people pushing further into wilderness areas than ever before, it's become a challenge to find that perfect spot and have it all to yourself. If solitude is your goal, the bicycle is a phenomenal tool for the job.

Because it is such an incredibly efficient form of transportation, the simple pedal driven device can take a grueling 10 mile walk and turn it into a pleasant, speedy bike ride. The energy you would expend hiking to and from your favorite fishing hole will now take you two, three, even four times as far and often in less time.

And while the bicycle will make any trip faster and more efficient, it's also a vehicle that can go where others can't. Closed forest gates, downed trees, overgrown trails, natural erosion, the list of obstacles you may encounter in your travels is endless. On a bicycle, these obstacles fade away into the background. Closed forest service gates are easy to ride around or slide under. A downed tree is easy enough to climb under or over, and pushing through an overgrown section of double-track is no problem at all. Unlike your average car or truck, you won't be forced to turn back when  you encounter roadblocks like these.

If your objective is off the beaten path, your bicycle will give you the ability to travel there faster. For example, you may live in a high dessert environment where there's minimal vegetation and a mountain bike equipped with a Geryon will haul your gear cross country to your destination much faster than you could reach it on foot.

Another advantage offered by bike packing is that you'll have to carry less on your back. Instead of putting 100% of your gear in a backpack and carrying the weight of that gear on your shoulders and hips, you place that burden on your bicycle. In some cases you may end up having nothing on your back at all, leaving you free to move about unencumbered. You won't spend time taking your pack on and off when you need something, instead your gear is at hand, saving time and ensuring opportunities aren't missed.

In the same way that a bicycle will transport you to your destination quickly, it will also get  you home faster. If your time window is short, you'll be able to spend more time doing what you love rather than getting there. Or, if you find yourself needing to change plans due to weather, equipment failure, or an emergency, your exit speed is drastically improved by bike.

In some cases, bike packing with the Geryon will also give you the advantage of carrying gear that may not be conducive to backpack transportation. For someone who maintains remote trails, having the right tool is critical. Trail crews in charge of clearing obstructions, fixing drainage problems, or repairing infrastructure like backcountry bridges will often haul loads of heavy tools to work sites on foot. Walking several miles with a full size shovel and other trail building tools isn't ideal. With the Geryon, taking long, odd sized equipment is easier, faster, and more comfortable.

These are just some of the ideas and concepts that inspired the Geryon. There are countless ways to put this system to work and transform your bicycle into an amazing gear hauling adventure vehicle. Whether you are looking to push farther into the back country, trying to save time on your regular outdoor activities, or need to carry gear in a more comfortable, more efficient manner, the Geryon will provide those opportunities and more.

And let's not forget about the best part of using your bike to go on more adventures: you get to ride! If you would like to learn more about the Geryon and it's development click below.

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