Designing The Geryon

Words by Morgan Misek

Photos by Cayman Waughtel

If you've read our story, you know that John and I spent part of our engineering careers working for a locomotive design firm before creating Trxstle. After the firm abruptly (and unexpectedly) shut down due to bankruptcy in 2015, leaving us without employment, we made the decision to go into business together and pursue building our own company.

Without this unfortunate turn of events, Trxstle may not have ever come into existence. Since then we've tried to incorporate references to locomotives and rail lines in our product names. Because locomotives and rail lines often have some fairly strange names, we have no shortage of odd product names. Our latest flagship product, and our first major offering for the bike industry, keeps with this tradition.

what's a geryon?

Pronounced "je-ree-un", this is our flagship product for the bike industry, a universal bike packing system.

First, a little bit of history. In the 1800s the Great Western Railway built the Ariadne Class of locomotives in England. One of these steam trains was named after Geryon, a giant in Greek Mythology and the grandson of the Gorgon Medusa. Geryon was a 3 headed monster who kept Orthrus (the two-headed-dog brother of Cerberus) as a pet. We thought the name fit the multi-functional bike packing system to a T and ran with it.

about the design

We've been working on this concept since the beginning of Trxstle. While the spotlight was on the CRC System, our first flagship product, we were quietly testing designs to achieve our goal of a universal rack system. After pushing through three years of design, development and patent applications, we've finally arrived at the big reveal. The design process took us through several different iterations until we finally settled on what you see here today.

Mountain biking is my number one favorite outdoor activity. Designing the Geryon was my first big opportunity to pour my passion for mountain biking, and cycling in general, into a major product for Trxstle. It is also one of the first keys to our vision of being a multi-sport company that supports people who want to the absolute most with all of their gear. The Geryon is the bridge between my cycling obsession and the foundation of fly fishing that Trxstle is built on. 

Now that the product has come this far, the Geryon feels like a versatile beast. Whether you're getting to your favorite fishing spot, heading into the woods for a quick camping trip, going to do some trail work, or hunting new areas beyond locked forestry gates, this universal rack system will let you take all the right gear along for the ride. 

The Geryon features all CNC'd aluminum components and a durable anodized finish. The front and rear decks are completely adjustable and modular, allowing you to setup the Geryon for your specific needs with only a 4mm hex key. There are provisions to strap almost anything onto the system as well as a series of mounting holes which can accommodate accessories like our bow mount.


The mounting design of the system ensures that your frame never makes contact with the rack and it attaches without the need for frame specific fender mounts. The design also eliminates the need to bog down steering by strapping bags onto handlebars and keeps the rear load clear of your dropper post if you choose to use one. If you're riding a full suspension bike, the weight of your cargo passes through the main triangle of your bike, allowing the suspension to perform as intended.

The Geryon will mount to any bicycle with standard components. Specifically, a 1 1/8" diameter threadless steerer and a common seatpost size. The system will launch with included 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6 mm seatpost adapters. This means you can use the system with virtually any modern bicycle, from road bikes to mountain bikes and even e-bikes.

The mounting concept allows you to add on-bike storage to full suspension bikes, high end frames without rack mounts, full carbon bikes, bikes with odd frame designs... the possibilities are endless.


The core application of the Geryon. Bring your gear on your bike. Go camping. Cook food. Transport the necessities of backcountry travel on your bike, conveniently and efficiently. 


This has been our dream since starting Trxstle. The ultimate day outdoors: ride your bike on some amazing trails to a remote fishing spot without having to worry about what gear you bring or how long you stay there. You can even conveniently stow a fully rigged rod on the front and rear rack of the Geryon so you don't have to break down between spots.


Building and maintaining trails requires the right tools. Things like shovels, axes, saws and the like are difficult to transport long distances. Being able to securely and conveniently attach tools like this to your bike will give you the ability to bring exactly what you need with no compromises.


Cover large distances efficiently and quietly while keeping your bow or rifle at hand in a convenient position so no opportunity will be missed. Push farther into remote territory to increase your chance of success.

Take full advantage of your e-bike or mountain bike and ride anywhere with confidence. The Geryon will keep your gear securely and safely stowed until you need it. The unique design won't hamper your steering or obstruct handlebar mounted controls and accessories.


Getting to work by bike has become more popular than ever. No matter what style of bike you take to your 9-5, the Geryon will let you take all the necessary supplies with ease.

For family trips by bike, the Geryon lets you bring everything you might need to keep young ones fed, hydrated and entertained on family bike trips

Just because the Geryon is intended for backcountry travel and outdoor pursuits doesn't mean it can't transform your favorite offroad machine into the world's coolest grocery getter. Use the Geryon to carry home the essentials from the store no matter what kind of bike you own.

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