Reels Up Design

Reels-up won't break rods/guides. Other "rod vault" style carriers will break your gear. When the reels face down, impacts and stress are transferred to the rod guides during travel, and this orientation creates snag-ups when inserting and removing the fly rod.

Built By Guides

Our manufacturing and assembly team members are all current or former fly fishing guides. We are proud to make the CRC System in Helena, MT - now available in both original silver and the new Blackout colorway.

The Most Versatile

Adjustable and telescopic for more options on how you use it, how it looks on your ride, and IF you want it on your ride full time or not. The CRC mounts at full length on any vehicle, but you can also run it at 3/4 length for your car, half length in your truck bed, or even fully collapsed to store it in your trunk.

Best In Class

We build every CRC System here in Helena, MT with USA manufactured rod liners that suspend your fly rods inside the aluminum sections with soft walled HDPE plastic mounted on our proprietary spring system. And every CRC System comes standard with installed reel padding inside the main housing. Because you bought this to protect your gear, and we take that seriously.

Fast, Easy, No Tools Mounting

Every CRC System ships with all the necessary hardware to mount it to your vehicle's rack right out of the box. Standard features include our patented, secure quick clamp mounts, full padding in the reel housing and locking access to your rods. Looking to customize your carrier further? We've got you covered with great accessory options, like reel housing lights, shoulder straps, rod boot sleeves and more!

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service. We have real people that answer our calls and emails, right here in the US.

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Don Smith
Great Rod Systems

Very will built. Easy to install. Looks great!


Great customer service, easy set-up, a lot sturdier than I expected. Really happy with the purchase

Steve Brennan
Quailty build, will last a lifetime

Althought the product took a while to ship, after arriving and unpacking, i realized I was glad I waited. This rod roof rack will last the rest of my life. Its heavy duty and built with quality materials. I made the right choice with trxstle.