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CRC v1.5 Upgrade Service

For existing customers who have CRC System 1.0 and would like to have their system upgraded to 1.5.


How it works

Shipping to Trxstle is covered with this purchase.  The shipping charges at checkout cover shipping back to the customer. After ordering, we provide you with a return shipping label.  You box up your CRC System and ship it to us.  When we receive your CRC System we will perform a full inspection and upgrade your unit to v1.5  You will receive a shipping confirmation when your CRC leaves our facility.


Upgrade service includes:

  • Complete cleaning and replacement of any damaged parts
  • Our new telescopic liner system
    • Eliminates tension during opening
    • Accommodates multi-fly setups
    • Easier insertion of rods with large eyelets
  • Updated bushing material between aluminum sections
    • Smoother telescoping feel
    • Reduces play between sections
  • Upgraded, heavy duty clamps
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