CRC v1.5 Upgrade Service

For existing customers who have CRC System 1.0 and would like to have their system upgraded to 1.5.


How it works

Shipping to Trxstle is covered with this purchase.  The shipping charges at checkout cover shipping back to the customer. After ordering, we provide you with a return shipping label.  You box up your CRC System and ship it to us.  When we receive your CRC System we will perform a full inspection and upgrade your unit to v1.5  You will receive a shipping confirmation when your CRC leaves our facility.


Upgrade service includes:

  • Complete cleaning and replacement of any damaged parts
  • Our new telescopic liner system
    • Eliminates tension during opening
    • Accommodates multi-fly setups
    • Easier insertion of rods with large eyelets
  • Updated bushing material between aluminum sections
    • Smoother telescoping feel
    • Reduces play between sections
  • Upgraded, heavy duty clamps
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Beat 'em to the Best Beats

    So here in the Northeast, trout streams can get pretty crowded. One way to ensure you have a shot at the best pool, the best pocket water, the best stretch is to be there first. The CRC is one the best was to accomplish this.

    Recently, I drove up to one of my favorite winter trout streams. Ahead of me were two other cars replete with Orvis, Patagonia, Rio, and other stickers - so they weren't day hikers - As I pulled in, the others got out and started to don waders as did I - the race was on - but I had an advantage - While they were putting together and stringing their 5w's, I simply slipped mine out of my CRC and was on my way!

    I ran into these brothers of the angle later on in the day and they asked about my CRC and I told them what I tell everyone - Best investment I've made in fly fishing in years. I was also in the middle of raving about the truly great and personal customer service when a big winter 'bow snatched up my midge and ran right for the sharpest boulder in the stream. He broke me off - but I wouldn't have had the shot at him if it weren't for my CRC.

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