Pro-Deal Sign Up Form

Trxstle offers special pricing on our products for professional, licensed guides and employees of Trxstle distributors.  If you are a professional guide or work in a shop/store that stocks our product we welcome you to fill out an application to join our Pro Deal Program.  For school clubs or teams we ask that you contact us directly at:  If you have registered on our site before please sign in before filling out the form.

Please see our ambassador program page for information on becoming an ambassador.  If you work in media and are interested in Trxstle and our products please contact us directly at:

Questions or concerns?  Contact us.

What we require from you:
  • Proof of guide status/employment. We will ask you to reconfirm this on a yearly basis.
  • Permission to contact you regarding your pro account and to ask for product feedback.
  • We will verify that shipments are being sent to your registered address.
  • Please register with the address you will guide from or the store address where you work.
  • The benefits of this program are for the registered user only.
  • Do not use your discount to purchase product for friends or family, users discovered to be doing so will have their pro status revoked.
  • The benefits below last one year from the date of account approval.
  • The ability to purchase three discounted CRC Units.
  • Discounts on all our other gear, apparel and accessories.
  • Early access to product information and releases.
  • Provide input on new and existing product designs and influence future products.

The data we collect is used solely for the purpose of our Pro Deal Program. No data is transferred to third parties. Nor is any of this information matched to any information that other components of our website may collect.

If you already have a login for please sign in before filling in this form.

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
If a licensed guide, please use your license address.
Please input your guide license here.
You can upload an image of your guide license here.
For shop employees, what is your employer's name?
You can include an image of your pay stub as proof of employment. Must be less than 3 months old.

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