US Dealer Terms and Conditions of Sale    

Effective 12/31/18 – 12/31/19

  1. Dealer Qualifications

Trxstle dealers must maintain a retail store in a commercially zoned area with regular and reasonable hours of business. New dealers will be qualified by Trxstle sales representatives on an individual basis. Dealers may not sell Trxstle products by method of auction.

Trxstle dealers may sell through their own branded online store, but are prohibited from selling through third party online retail sites without express written consent from Trxstle.

  1. Order Acceptance

All orders are subject to the acceptance of Trxstle. Trxstle reserves the right to discontinue servicing any account that does not abide by these terms and conditions of sale.

Trxstle has a compelling interest in promoting the premium image of our products. Therefore, we will only sell to retailers that are equally committed to enhancing the premium image of Trxstle and our products. Trxstle does business on a purchase order basis and this relationship can be terminated at will by either party without prior notice.

  1. Payment Terms

Net 30 terms available with approved credit application. Without approved credit, payment terms are cash in advance at the discretion of Trxstle.

  1. Shipping & Handling
  1. Contiguous US:
    1. Standard shipping is covered by Trxstle and is offered free of charge for the dealer, for dealer locations in the contiguous US.
  2. Outside the Contiguous:
    1. For dealers located in AK and/or HI, a flat rate shipping charge will be assessed to reduce the financial impact of freight charges for the dealer. This flat rate shipping fee will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, please inquire with your sales representative or with a Trxstle customer service agent for more details.
  1. Past Due Invoices

Interest will be charged on all past due invoices at a rate of 1.5% per month (or the maximum rate allowed by applicable state laws). Merchandise will not be provided to any past due accounts.

Dealers must pay all costs expenses and collection charges (including attorney’s fees or charges made by any agent or collection agency used for purposes of collecting an unpaid balance) incurred by Trxstle in the enforcement of these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Dealers must also pay all pre and post-judgement costs, including any costs, attorney’s fees or expenses incurred in the defense of any claim asserted by Trxstle against dealer.

  1. Drop Ship Orders

Drop shipping to consumers is acceptable to stocking dealers on a case-by-case basis. Freight costs will be assessed before shipping directly to customers, as in some cases the dealer may have to pay an additional freight cost to shipments outside of their store location.  Non-stocking dealers receive a reduced 30 % margin and pay the total freight cost to the customer.

  1. POP Displays & DEMO Units

Trxstle will provide point of purchase and/or partial DEMO CRC System units to interested Dealers. Trxstle is committed to assisting in promoting and marketing our products for our retail partners. Pricing for these options shown below and are valid for the effective dates of this document:




CRC System

$50 +shipping

$100 +shipping


  1. Damage or Shortages

Any claim for merchandise damaged in transit or for a shortage on a shipment must be made within 10 days of receipt of the shipment by emailing or by calling (360) 481-8216

  1. Returns

Merchandise may not be returned without prior written authorization from a Trxstle sales representative. Authorized returns must be shipped freight prepaid and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

  1. Backorders

If Trxstle is unable to fill an order completely, the out-of-stock items will be placed on backorder and shipped as promptly as possible at the price prevailing on the date of the original order. The freight terms that applied to the original order will also apply to the backorder.

  1. Minimum Orders

There is no minimum order amount for Trxstle dealers.

  1. Prices

All prices are subject to change without notice.


Trxstle is committed to the continuous improvement of its products and therefore reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. However, Trxstle is not obligated to replace, modify or charge any products previously sold.

  1. Transfer of Goods

Trxstle is the exclusive authorized distributer for Trxstle products and apparel. Dealers may only resell these products to end-user customers. Dealers may not sell, transfer, or distribute Trxstle products either directly or indirectly to other locations or retailers without the approval of Trxstle.

  1. Copyrights

All Trxstle collateral literature is the property of Trxstle. These materials may not be reproduced without exclusive written permission from Trxstle.

  1. Trademarks & Product Names

Dealer agrees not to use the product names or trademarks of any other party in connection with marketing, advertising, distribution, or sale of Trxstle products without consent from Trxstle.

Trxstle Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

Effective 12/31/18 – 12/31/19

This advertising policy is binding for all Trxstle Dealers and is in effect unless amended by Trxstle in writing. Except as set forth below or with written permission given by Trxstle management in writing, no Trxstle Dealer is authorized to advertise any discounts on Trxstle products below the published Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) as outlined below.



CRC System (v1.5)


River Locker Waterproof Case


Personalized Nippers


Premium Fitted Tees


Custom Trxstle Hats


Sun Hoodies (Technical Apparel)


Reel Koozie



Trxstle provides high quality, premium equipment and believes it is important that its dealers provide skilled, professional assistance in selecting and purchasing Trxstle products. Accordingly, Trxstle recognizes that its Dealers must earn sufficient profits to provide those services. Trxstle has determined that advertising products at prices below MAP undermines our trade reputation, image, and marketing strategy as a premium supplier.

Trxstle will not supply products to any dealer which at any time during the effective dates of this policy advertises product at a price less than the established MAP. Nor will Trxstle provide advertising or promotional assistance to any such dealer per the penalty below. Advertising that in any way suggests or implies a price lower that the MAP will be considered a violation of this policy. Trxstle will monitor the compliance of this policy at its sole discretion and will not accept reports of MAP violations from dealers.

  1. Inclusions - this policy includes but is not limited to the following:
    1. Coupons, tie-in discounts, rebate programs that negatively affect the goodwill or reputation of Trxstle brands as determined by Trxstle management.
    2. Gift With Purchase (GWP) – programs that negatively affect the goodwill or reputation of the Trxstle brand. All GWP promotions must be approved by Trxstle management in writing prior to promotion.
    3. Promotion codes direct to consumers
    4. 3rd party cash back programs
    5. Any online , email, and printing advertising on Trxstle brands that reference a price offer below MAP
    6. Package discounts containing in part, or in whole, Trxstle products must be approved by Trxstle management prior to promotion.
  1. Policy Violation Penalties

Any variation in pricing which advertises Trxstle products at amounts below current MAP without prior written approval from Trxstle management is subject to the immediate actions of having the right to use various Trxstle trademarks removed, loss of discounts, marketing funds, any trade incentives (previously shipped orders will be re-invoiced accordingly) and being terminated as an authorized Trxstle dealer.

These actions are solely Trxstle’s corporate decision and responsibility. All decision(s) or actions taken in this policy are at Trxstle’s sole discretion. Questions about this policy should be in writing and addressed to Trxstle ATTN: Sales 2812 Pacific Avenue SE Olympia, WA 98501 or emailed to