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Our first production run has officially sold out. So we’ve decided to turn on our take a number reservation system for those eager to get their hands on the new CRC System – Version 1.5!

How It Works:

Reserve your CRC units using the form below. Once your unit is ready, we will contact you directly and provide access to finalize your purchase. Reservations orders will be fulfilled in the order they were received.

Version 1.5:

Since the initial release of the CRC System February of this year, we have been actively seeking feedback on the product from our customers. Many of you have been instrumental in providing real world product testing and evaluations of the product. So first off, thank you!

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and always working to improve. So we took your feedback, and started working to make changes that would have a big impact on the final design and user experience. Here’s a list of what to expect with the new CRC System v1.5!

  • Stronger Clamps
    • We’ve beefed up our clamp parts to a rugged glass filled nylon material – providing extra strength, increased impact and vibration resistance. These things are crazy tough.
  • New and Improved Liners
    • Telescoping, smooth plastic liners offer added flexible protection from our v1.0 rubber/silicon liners
    • These new liners offer greater protection than our 1st rubber silicon liners, without any concern of tearing, ripping or wearing out.
    • Now accommodating larger eyelets. With the 1st generation liners, larger 6-8wt. striping eyelets sometimes had fit trouble. We’ve increased the internal liner diameter with the new liners and now can accommodate most rods up to 8 weights. Our maximum eyelet size is 1.57 inches (40mm).
    • The plastic liners allow the insertion of multi-fly or dropper rigging.
  • New bushings
    • Each aluminum section now has an upgraded bushing material.This does a few things:
      • Smoother telescoping action
      • Reduction in the play between each joint
      • Reduced “sag” in overall system appearance
  • No more resistance
    • An added benefit of our upgraded liners is the elimination of the “pull force” required when extending and collapsing the CRC System. We know some customers were uncomfortable with the force required to overcome stretching out the liners – so we listened, updated the design and improved the overall product.

The CRC System v1.5 is scheduled to start shipping to reservation holders September, 2019!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email or reach out on social.

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