Community Road Map

We believe a business has a responsibility to its customers and community to use its influence for good. Rather than simply shove ads in people’s faces, we have decided to make all of our marketing dollars have some kind of positive impact. We think this practice is becoming the standard for quality outdoor brands and want to reinforce that behavior in our industry. We’ve outlined our past efforts and plans for the future in what we call the Community Road Map.  Trxstle’s marketing efforts are designed to help local, national and global efforts that do one or more of the following:

1) Conservation and restoration of natural resources, such as protecting fisheries and preserving land usage for outdoor recreation.

2) Empowers and connects people with the natural world through sport and recreation.

3) Changes the way industry interacts with its environment. Examples: reducing landfill waste or changing materials in a design to be environmentally friendly.

4) Promotes and supports the growth and maintenance of our favorite activities.


In March we donated raffle prizes to the F3T in Tacoma, WA, hosted by Gig Harbor Fly Shop. The event supported the Wild Steelhead Coalition and their conservation efforts. There were also some tasty beverages and some great fly fishing films!

In May we attended the Ellensburg Fly Fishing Fair. The fair promotes fly fishing in Eastern Washington and neighboring territories and raises funds for Fly Fishers International, a conservation and fly fishing education organization. We also helped a local organization, Oly Women On The Fly, build a booth for the fair as well and got to meet a bunch of great people from organizations like Healing Waters.

In August we hosted a locals fly tying event that connected us with our friends at Oly Women On The Fly and Fly Fishing The Drift, a local online anglers group for fly tying and fishing enthusiasts. Later in the month we had an opportunity to donate auction prizes to our local Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter.

In September we teamed up with a group of other outdoor brands to film “Bridging The Gap”, a story that ties together the different generations across what we see as a generational rift in fly fishing.


Donate the proceeds from at least one of our apparel pieces to a local conservation effort of our choice.

Donate the proceeds from at least one of our apparel pieces to a national level conservation effort of our choice.

Support at least 3 events with donated prizes for raffles.

Promote a conservation or outreach organization each quarter on our social media platforms.


All of our 2019 objectives, but bigger!

Establish the “Trxstle Fund” to award grants to major conservation and restoration efforts, specifically urgent or disaster level events.

Recruit other outdoor companies as supporting members of the fund