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Who are ya?

My name is Shyanne Orvis, I was born in a small town on the outskirts of Flint, Michigan. After finishing high school, I moved to Colorado to chase my love for adventure and pursue my passion for snowboarding and fishing. Truthfully, I didn’t realize that those two things would soon consume my every waking thought and free moment. Now, as a fly fishing guide and snowboarding instructor these careers have allowed me to live every day sharing my passion with others.

You are a snowboard instructor and fly fishing guide in the Aspen, CO area. How are these two passions integrated in your life? Do you see them as similar or totally separate activities?

As a child I did anything that gave me a sense of an adrenaline rush. Dirt biking, skateboarding and snowboarding to name a few. When I found fly fishing, it was the calmness to the adrenaline that I constantly seek. I feel that they’re separate in a sense that they each satisfy a completely different craving but they both compliment each other perfectly in my life. At the same time the two are similar because they are both physically and mentally challenging and half the fun is learning new things and getting outside of your comfort zone.

Dry flies or streamers?

Oh man, how do I pick between these two totally different incredible experiences. Sight fishing with a dry and watching them just slurp it off the surface or stripping streamers along the banks and watching the chase and absolutely inhale your streamer. I love both for different reasons. I can’t pick (;

Burnt marshmallow or golden brown on your s’more?

Okay, anyone who truly knows me will say I’m obsessed with S’mores.. seriously. It’s just not a successful camping trip if s’mores aren’t involved. There’s nothing I look forward to more after a day of fishing while headed back to the campsite and creating a nice warm fire…after struggling for 20 minutes .. (i’m the worst at making fires) to finally roast a few golden brown s’mores.

Anything else you want to share?

For any bookings or inquiries please reach out to me at my website  or email me at
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