Welcome To The Team: Ethan Parsons

We introduced Ethan in an earlier blog post highlighting his tenacity and love for the outdoors. After spending time with him and getting to know him better, we invited Ethan to join the Trxstle Team and we're excited to announce that he has accepted!

In keeping with our tradition of fun interviews for new teammates, we sat down and asked Ethan some hard hitting questions to get a deeper understanding of who he really is. Enjoy!

Ethan Boat Wheelchair Fish

1) Let's start with the easy stuff, who are you and what do you do?
Hi, my name is Ethan and what I do is love the outdoors. For what it’s worth.

2) You spend a lot of time outdoors, if you had to pick a favorite season, which would you pick and why?
I spend a lot of time in the outdoors for sure, ever since I was a kid. My favorite season is spring because I love how fresh it is, and it gets me pumped up for summer.

3) What's your current favorite fly rod setup?
My current favorite rod set up is my echo glass because it was my first rod and it has taught me to have patience in life and just relax and enjoy when you're out there.

Ethan Fish Land Wheelchair

4) Tell us your best fish story.
My best fishing story would be when I was with my by buddy and I caught a super nice cutthroat but lost it and it wasn't too long afterwards I caught a nice cuttbow.

5) This next one is important: Tacos or Pizza?
I would have to go with pizza because I love Italian food.

6) You can take any one person in the history of the world, alive or dead, on a week long fishing trip. Who do you pick and why?
Who I would take on a week long fishing trip would be my buddy Tyler. I just always have a good time with Tyler and it’s always a fun adventure and he gives me a lot of good information about fishing.

7) What's something you always have with you that might surprise people?
I would have to say sunglasses because there always on my head even at night time.

8) There's a lot to do outdoors where you live. Do you think you would be interested in the same things if you grew up somewhere different?
I think if I grew up somewhere different my interests in the outdoors would be the same for sure just in a different place that’s all.

Ethan Deer Hunting

9) When you're not fishing, what do you do to occupy yourself?
When I’m not fishing I’m either hunting or working on something like my 1982 Honda three wheeler or my pickup and keeping it up for fishing or hanging out with friends to do something in the mountains.

Ethan Sunrise Shot

10) We've known you for a while now. How did you first learn about Trxstle?
How I first learned about Trxstle was from an advertisement on Instagram and I was looking at the rod carrier that you make and was so impressed with it. I noticed you were a small company but when I saw the rod carrier get made I couldn’t believe there was a small company making a good product. It wasn't long afterwards that I sent you a video of my Spey cast and less than a day later you got a hold of me. I love small companies because they care about people more than just their name. Trxstle is a company that truly cares and wants you to be a part of the family.

Thanks for the kind words, Ethan! We're thrilled to fish with you and congrats on joining the team! Is there anything else you want to share before we let you get back to fishing?

 This company cares about, and loves everybody and is run by two of the nicest guys you can meet. Just all around good people to be with!

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