Updated CRC v2.0 Product Page

An important part of what we do as product designers is to notice the needs of our customers through the trends and patterns in our interactions.  Thanks to consistent feedback as well as some of our more popular questions we received, we took the time to update the CRC v2.0 product page.

The page has been redesigned to make the information we provide about the CRC System less cluttered, with a more straightforward structure and more streamlined delivery.  It is also more mobile friendly and easier to navigate.  We added some extra bits of media to illustrate important features, and put the biggest advantages on display right at the beginning before jumping into every single detail.

Let us know what you think of the new page.  We want your experience with Trxstle to be flawless, both on the river and on our website.


CRC System v2.0 Updated Product Page