Trxstle in the Rockies


Some of the Trxstle crew took a quick trip into the mountains this past week. The Rockies to be exact. We found some epic fish, witnessed some crazy hatches and spent some much needed time with friends. All of which culminated into a really awesome trip. We spent our days driving from hole-to-hole along dirt roads, relaxing by the river and putting on sunblock. Oh, we also threw flies recklessly to eager cutthroats and even found a few bull trout. For me, this was my first time hooking one of these prehistoric fish, and I was stoked to say the least! I am also happy to report that the white fish population was very strong - with many of these fish in the couple pound range. For the record, that is just large enough to make someone think they have a BIG trout on the line and yell to their buddy about it prematurely. At least that's what I imagine it might do to someone...


Trxstle's good buddy Lucas tagged along for this trip. Luke is new to the fly-fishing game and really got after it on this one. We were pretty pumped to see him start throwing long loops and hooking into some nice fish by the trips end, while in the Rockies no less. Well done buddy! A specials thank you goes out to The North 40 Fly Shop in Coeur d'Alene and our pals Tyler, Stan, Aly and Kat. Thanks for being so rad, for all the supplies and the advice. :-) Check out the shop if you are ever in the area. Here is a link for directions:


As usual, we would prefer to just show you the trip rather than just write about it. So, turn up the volume and check it out! And if you haven't yet, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Trxstle short films.

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