Tight Lines of All Kinds?

You've probably seen our tagline, "Tight Lines of All Kinds" scattered around our social media posts and website.  It's also featured on the clothing we sell.  So what do we mean by Tight Lines of All Kinds?

There's a common thread when you're outside
Fly fishing has a common phrase when saying farewell: tight lines.  Generally it means "I hope your fly line is always taught, fighting big fish!".  In mountain biking, tight lines are the sections of trail where you feel like you're threading the needle.  Maybe dodging a few trees, or sticking a skinny log ride.  If you're into snow sports you've probably found yourself picking some tight lines through the trees on a pow day.  And for those brave enough to paddle out when the waves are barreling, getting into that sweet spot of a wave can get pretty tight as well. This was a common thread we got attached to when we founded Trxstle.  Everyone we know who plays outside does so in multiple ways, and that's what our company is all about.
We want our customers and our audience to have their cake and eat it too.

The next time you are planning a mountain bike ride, take a look at the map and see what's nearby.  Close to a river, stream, lake, or the ocean? Bring fly rods!  Or maybe you just got skunked fishing the Sol Duc.  I hope you brought your surfboard because La Push has some killer waves most of the year (and a Twilight themed cabin).

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