The CRC System V2.0

As we've mentioned in previous blog posts, we believe that there is always room for improvement. We've been busy the past 6 months updating key features of the CRC System to better serve the end user. We've incorporated feedback from our customers, our company team members, and fly fishing professionals. The updates we're releasing with v2.0 bring the CRC System to a new level of convenience and user-friendly operation. This design is the rod carrier for everyone we set out to create at the start. Let's take a look at some of the improvements and why we think they make the product better.


One of the most important functions of the CRC is it's ability to telescope for easy transportation, storage, and ability to mount at different lengths. To achieve this we used spring loaded detents that engage each tube as the section is slid into place when the CRC expands and collapses. This new design is easier for the user to actuate, slides with less friction, and is much quieter in operation. The new design also adds stiffness and strength to the ends of the aluminum sections. Other improvements were were able to achieve with this new design:

  • The amount of force required to disengage a section is greatly reduced
  • We've added removable, screw-in locks that prevent the section release mechanisms from being actuated by anyone passing by. This means no one can tamper with your CRC System while it is mounted to your vehicle

crc sYSTEM V2.0


Previously, to open and close the CRC System, you needed to have your keys at the ready. Several customers, especially guides, informed us that this was less than ideal for quickly changing fishing locations and for allowing clients to access their gear when stored in the carrier. The new latch allows the user to:

  • Open and close the hatch with the push of a button - lock when desired
  • Securely transport gear to a new spot without having to lock the housing
  • Keep keys safely stashed away, preventing the chance of losing said keys


The extra friction from the co-molded, rubber surfaces on the v2.0 clamps dramatically increase the clamp hold on cross bars. We added this feature to both sides of the clamp body to also increase the clamp's grip on the CRC System itself. These rubberized surfaces also help prevent cosmetic damage to your roof rack crossbars. The added security brings added peace of mind.


The protective liners inside the CRC System expand and collapse with the unit. These flexible plastic tubes are suspended inside the aluminum to isolate your gear from impacts. The liners house each rod independently, keeping them individually protected. We put a lot of time and effort into selecting the best material for the liners.  It had to strike a balance between being gentle on your gear while also being robust enough to last the life of the product.


Some of our customers drive on some really rough roads (at speeds that make most people uncomfortable). We tripled the impact absorption ability of our reel housing foam, making the interior of the CRC System's fly reel housing one of the most well cushioned places to store a rod and reel.


Our goal with the CRC System was to make a fly rod carrier that would benefit anyone from the weekend warrior to the seasoned guide. We wanted to offer features and functionality not seen anywhere else in the product space. The unique features offered by the CRC include:

  • Completely portable design telescopes from a shoulder carry length to a 10' car top carrier 
  • Mounts to your vehicle in just minutes - no tools required
  • Light weight allows for compatibility with low-load-limit factory racks and is easy to carry
  • Reel Up design completely protects eyelets from impacts while driving and offers a low profile mounting to easily clear rear hatches
  • Telescopic suspended liners which isolate your gear from impacts
  • A sleek profile that rides close to your vehicle's roof rack

crc sYSTEM V2.0

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