Reasons Why: Telescopic Design

Continuing with our Reasons Why series, we're talking about the telescopic function of the CRC System in this post.  Let's rewind back to the very beginning with our first prototype which we called the "Olympian".  

The Olympian

The Olympian was a single rod carrier, designed to act like a heavy duty rod case you could travel with and then throw on top of your car.  The prototype weighed more than the current CRC System and had a hand-glued elastic liner made from an exercise band (Still working by the way).  We 3D printed all of the pieces and had the aluminum tubing sections made from stock, square aluminum.  Our primary focus then was to make something that could travel.

Fast forward almost three years and the CRC System maintains this feature, but for more reasons than portability.  The other obvious reasons are storage space, shipping costs, and retailer square footage.  But one function wasn't apparent to us until an excited customer wrote in asking us if the Olympian could be mounted in the different length modes.  We didn't know what to think then but we know now that this feature was a big deal for anglers with varying applications.  Users with smaller cars wanted to shorten the system to fit their racks.  Others wanted to use the system at 3/4 length for their lighter weight trout setups.

Today, the telescopic design of the CRC System maintains all the original advantages of the "Olympian" prototype while offering lighter weight and storage for two rods instead of one.

In case you were wondering why we changed the name from "The Olympian" to the CRC System, we had an associate tip us off that the US Olympic Committee does not take kindly to products of businesses using the words Olympic or Olympian.  We reached out to the USOC and were politely informed that we would have a lawsuit on our hands if we stuck with the name.

Full Length

Full Length

3/4 Length

3/4 length

1/2 Length

1/2 Length

Collapsed Length

Fully Collapsed


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