Reasons Why: Quick Clamps

Have you ever received a new piece of gear only to find out it takes hours to setup, assemble or configure? This is all too common for a lot of outdoor products and something we wanted to avoid when we designed the CRC System. Our quick clamp design simultaneously clamps to your CRC System AND the rack bars with one knob so you don't have to spend time assembling your new product.

An Early Clamp Design

We got a lot wrong with this design before we got it right. Through several iterations we eventually selected what worked and what didn't to arrive at the current quick clamp. Our first 3D printed prototype took about 10 minutes per clamp to tighten down and had a separate, hidden lever to lock the CRC to the clamp. Not exactly the goal...

The Current Clamp Design

With our current clamp design you can have your CRC mounted to your vehicle in just a couple minutes, or even seconds with some practice. In addition to being fast, they are also secure. They lock in place once you've tightened them down and breaking things down is just as fast. Simply unlock your clamps and reverse the process. When your CRC is collapsed, you can quickly and easily store your clamps right in the lid for easy transport/storage.

Clamps Stored In The Lid

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