Paddle Out


The Trxstle crew has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our first flagship product. The Olympian will be launching very soon and everyone has been putting in some long hours. We are happy to announce that the first few videos demonstrating the prototype in action will be dropping shortly. But we are ALSO excited to report that we decided to take a much needed weekend and go surfing.


Trxstle was formed by founders John and Morgan to create gear and apparel allowing people to do more with less. Both are mechanical engineers with background's in product design and development. The goal for Trxstle is to allow for multi-sport action on every possible trip. The decision on which industries to provide products for came simply from looking inward at what the founders themselves are passionate about in their own lives. The tagline, Tight Lines of All Kinds, came about when they realized that the sports they were developing products for all use this term in one way or another. And although there is much more to Trxstle's origins than this, we don't want to bore you with too much background info. If you are interested, you can learn more about our story HERE.


Among other things, Morgan is a surfer. He knows how to be in the ocean. He understands waves. John is a fly-fisherman. He loves rivers and hooking fish on a fly. He does not yet understand waves. It should be fairly clear who is who. :-) Enjoy.

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