Meet Shaun Miller

Who are ya?

Hello my name is Shaun Miller. I am from Boise, Idaho and I was born and raised here. I am 25 years old, I work in construction and I have been for 8 years. I am very outdoors oriented. I love to be outside in the mountains or out in the desert having a good time. I've been hunting most of my life and that has had a huge impact on my love for the outdoors. I love riding my bike and snowboarding as well as fishing. You can always bet that I’m hanging out with my beautiful wife who happens to love all the things that I do, which means our spare time isn't so spare.

Who are your favorite people to fish with and what are your favorite species of fish to target?

I'm always fishing with my wife but if she is unavailable I'll be fishing with my dad or father-in-law. We mostly fish for any trout species but I love catching any and all fish that like my flies.

Don't tell us anything too secret, but what is your favorite local water to fish?

My favorite location to fish is any stretch of the Boise river

We know you snowboard and bmx, can you tell us a bit about your background in these sports?

I've been riding BMX for 18 years of my life. I grew up racing BMX which gave me the opportunity to travel all over the country and most parts of Canada. I stopped racing due to a big crash I experience in 2012, so I mostly ride my freestyle bike now. I've been snowboarding for 10 years, and it's something I really love to do. I am what you would call a powder rider and love carving fresh tracks and jumping off huge rocks.

How did you get into fly fishing?

I got into fly fishing when Haley and I got together. Her dad has been fly fishing his whole life and has really taught me just about everything I know about fishing rivers. My dad has always fished lakes and he has taught me everything he know about lake fishing. Both are extremely fun to me.

How did your experience in these other action sports lead you to / lend themselves to fly fishing and how are they connected for you?

The only thing I feel like the sports I do and fly fishing have in common is that i'm outside enjoying what mother nature has to offer. Being able to get the adrenaline rush from BMX and snowboarding is amazing to me but I think its a good tempo change getting on the river and just relaxing, until my reel starts screaming and the adrenaline jumps up just like that.

IPA or Lager?

Honestly I hate IPA's and lagers. I am a domestic beer guy. Give me a bud light and a bottle of Jameson and ill be just fine.

Anything else you want to share?

Not to much else I feel like I need to share, considering my introduction wasn't "quick".

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