Support the WSC at the F3T

Do you like Steelhead?  Do you like fly fishing films?  Then this is the event for you!  The Gig Harbor Fly Shop is hosting the Wild Steelhead Coalition and the F3T film tour at the Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma. You get to hang out with a bunch of like minded folks, watch amazing fly fishing films and support the conservation of wild stealhead through the WSC.

The F3T - Fly Fishing Film Tour 2018

The film lineup this year is pretty spectacular.  You can check out all 8 movie trailers here.  Get. Stoked.  Personally we can't wait to see "100 Miles".  We're also stoked to have some of our gear in the raffle to help raise money for WSC.

Gig Harbor Fly Shop

These folks are holding it down in the south sound for the fly fishing community.  Gig Harbor Fly Shop does it all, from gear to flies to guiding and even just introduced a rad fly tying/beer drinking night!  It's the place to get your tickets for the F3T and we're happy the WSC is working with them.

The Wild Steelhead Coalition

If you love catching steelhead, or simply have them on your bucket list, the WSC is on a mission to make sure you can enjoy the challenge of catching steelhead for years to come.  By partnering with Gig Harbor Fly Shop and the F3T, WSC is primed to get some serious work done in 2018.


Location: Blue Mouse Theatre, 2611 N Proctor St., Tacoma, WA 98407

Tickets: Online and in person at the Gig Harbor Fly Shop

Date: March 1st, 2018 Time: 7PM