Getting There


Everyone loves getting there to that favorite spot and crushing it. At Trxstle, we totally get that. Being able to fish, bike, surf, ski, and snowboard is why we are excited to get up everyday and what fuels us through the mundane. The enthusiasm for catching the fish, slaying that harder line, or riding through that perfect barrel is a beautiful thing. But this focus and excitement for our passions can often overshadow the more subtle events that lead up to the actual sport.


Take fly-fishing for example: catching fish on a fly rod is incredible. Catching big, wild fish on a fly-rod is even better! But what about all the driving, hiking, gearing up, slipping and falling and otherwise "getting there" before that first cast is even made? We think that this can be just as memorable as landing that big fish. When looking back on a trip, it seems that getting to the spot is often as unforgettable as the pursuit at the spot itself. This is never more apparent then when having the privilege of taking a friend out and teaching them to fly-fish.


Simply put, take your friends with you! Show them your knots, teach them to read the water, turn over rocks and reveal what the fish are eating. I know I have been guilty of "teaching" people to fly-fish in the past...Translation: they rode with me to the river and I disappeared on the water, catching fish, switching flies rapidly in the distance and ultimately leaving them to figure out what the hell to do with their long stick and colorful floating stuff. This is NOT what I mean.

I mean really show them. Help them with their gear, tie on that hot fly and show them how to present it. Stick by their side and help put them on fish. I say all this, because I FINALLY took the time and did just that this past week. I showed my best friend a passion that runs deeper for me than any other. And as soon as I took the time to give this proper introduction, I acquired some of the fondest memories of my life.

We hope you enjoy our latest short film, GETTING THERE.

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