Geryon Production Update

We've been teasing our new product for the bike industry for over a year now and in November of 2021 we launched presales for our new Geryon Universal Bike Packing System.  Early bird customers who jumped on the chance to get one of the first production Geryon systems are excited to have a gear transportation solution that caters as much to bike packers as it does to fly fishers and hunters. Since then, we've been hard at work taking care of all the final details that go into the launch of a product like the Geryon.

Since almost all of the components that make up the Geryon are CNC machined from high strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy we've established an in-line quality control process to ensure individual pieces are consistently produced to our specifications. This ensures that the required tolerances for the articulated adjustment features and mounting points are met and each individual Geryon functions flawlessly.

We've optimized small details like Trxstle logos hidden in the mounting arms and Circle T logos engraved on the rack bars. We hear from customers frequently about how they appreciate understated logo designs on products. Whether you're camping by bike or riding into the backcountry, the subtle details on the Geryon give you unprecedented carrying functionality and look good doing it.

The batch processing of CNC machined components has gone smoothly. Soon the rack components you see below will be sent for surface finishing and anodization. The entire Geryon is bead blasted and hard anodized so the finish is durable for everything from single-track adventures to daily commutes. Hunters and fly fishers will appreciate the low key matte black components.

The packaging and graphics for the Geryon are finalized. The new box design fits in seamlessly with our other packaging and really highlights the different uses for the Universal Bike Packing System. We were able to feature some full-bike graphics with bike packing, fishing, hunting, and trail maintenance usage examples. We also spec'd premium foam padding on the inside to make sure everything arrives safely.

Of course we've also continued to test and document new uses for the system, looking for ways to expand its utility and provide inspiration for people who want to use their bike to do more and go farther. Watch for more accessories to launch throughout the year as we develop new ideas and collect feedback from our customers.

We are incredibly excited to be bringing this product to market and to get our next flagship product into the hands of our early-bird customers. The Geryon is a completely new way to transport gear on almost any bike and has a wide array of features that allow it to adapt to any application and environment.

You can order a Geryon for yourself below, and as always feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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