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The outdoor product industry is full of innovative ideas and products meant to improve the experience.  Fly fishing in particular carries with it a unique set of challenges for anglers looking to spend a lot of time on the water.  Standing knee deep in a glacially fed river, staying warm and dry, and not falling in the river as you walk over slippery rocks takes a lot of specialized gear.  We like to say there's no such thing as bad conditions, just bad or inappropriate gear.

The majority of the time, products land in the middle of the spectrum.  Lots of reliable, trustworthy products that get the job done exist and sit on shelves next to their competitors, battling for your attention with the best ads and marketing they can muster.

Other times a product will fail so hard it evolves into a kind of joke.  Take a product like this on the water and folks hand out warnings, tell tails of disappointment, and encourage you to part ways with the gear in question.



And then there are the products that nail it.  Gear like this is easy to spot.  Everyone owns one, guides and shops swear by it, the reviews are all perfect.  We all have one product or another that fits this description.  Whether it's your tried and true waders or your favorite reel, chances are you've got some gear you have strong opinions on.

Magnetic Nippers with Lanyard

Products like this are few and far between.  A lot of ingredients have to come together to make a sensational product.  We all like to think our products have what it takes to get there.  It's the optimism in this department that drives a company to take an idea all the way through production.

Magnetic Nippers on Hat

Recently we had the pleasure to team up with a company that we think has what it takes: Lidrig. We're utilizing Lidrig's magnetic nipper technology to bring Trxstle's next generation of nippers to market.  At this point you might be wondering what's so special about adding magnets to a pair of nippers?  Here's why we think this product is going to be a game changer:

  1. Always have your nippers at hand, regardless of what hat, pack, waders, shirt, shorts etc. you have on.
  2. Magnets keep your nippers securely in place, and when you're ready to put them to work they are quickly accessible and ready to go. Bonus round: these securely attach to your drift boat, vehicle, etc. for even more easy access!
  3. Are you an old school lanyard type? No problem, the nippers come equipped with a lanyard attachment point just for you.
  4. The design doesn't require springs.  The nippers are held open by magnetic force eliminating the need for springs and other hardware.
  5. No more replacement blades that fall out, get rusted and stripped fasteners, come out of alignment, and dull easily.
  6. And just to sweeten the deal, the magnetic clip has a hook/nipper/knife sharpener and a built in bottle opener for your favorite beverage.
  7. Equipped with a hook eyelet poker that is sharp and convenient to access, but neatly tucked out of the way.
  8. Cut braid? You bet!

Magnetic Nipper Bottle Opener

No other product can do what Lidrig has done and we think the utility and uniqueness of the product really set it apart from the competition.  Once you've fished with nippers boasting Lidrig technology you'll always be reaching up to your hat whenever you've got a line to cut.

Trxstle Magnetic Nippers

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