Fishing Buddies


Up early. WAY too many flies loaded. Bikes. Boards. Dogs. Fuel. Beer. Coffee.  Just like that, a few of the Trxstle crew took off toward one of our favorite spots in Central Oregon. And with a short 4 hour drive over Mt. Hood, we found ourselves isolated in a beautiful high desert landscape.

We set out to get some footage of our new products in action while catching those beautiful rainbows of the famed Deschutes River. We seem to always find some great fish when we are there, so why would this trip be any different? I mean, the salmon fly hatch is scheduled to be going off AND we have the film crew in tow and ready to capture some epic fishing moments.

You probably already guessed it

Fishing was pretty rough this time. And after spending a solid 3 days throwing flies in muddy high water, we were out of time. Although we had an absolute blast with the crew - drinking delicious beer, spending the evening walking along the river and exploring some new sections of water, we couldn't help but feel disappointed that we didn't land any of those monster trout.

When we got back to Trxstle headquarters, we begin combing through some of the footage. Almost immediately we realized that practically every shot had our furry companions in it. And in every one of those clips, the dogs were having the time of their lives - they didn't care about the fishing at all. It was humbling to realize that these dogs have it way more figured out than we do and that they really are the best fishing buddies around.

Thanks to Lucas and his crazy pup Kira for heading out to Maupin with us. To Greg of Lionsden Pro Media for filming our adventures and dealing with our antics. To Katie for dealing with me ;-) And to Deschutes Angler Fly Shop for the supplies and advice!

Also, thanks to our office hound-dog James for being my always ready and willing fishing buddy (he is an actual dog...that wasn't a 1950's jab).

Check out our short film below and meet some of our behind the scenes crew. Thanks for checking out our blog and here's to a summer full of tight lines of all kinds.

Trxstle - Fishing Buddies from Trxstle on Vimeo.

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