Community Connection

A good business is open and supportive to the community that surrounds it and depends on it. Our goal to foster this belief as Trxstle grows and increases its capabilities and offerings.  What we contribute to society needs to grow in proportion to what we contribute as a business.

We're a small company. 

Like a lot of cliche stories, ours starts in a garage with an idea for a company and a handful of products we wish existed.  Fast forward almost two years later and we have an actual office, we have  a warehouse space, and most importantly our first product leaving production.  If Trxstle is a bird, that bird is perched at the edge of its nest, about to take flight for the first time.  It's scary, exhilarating, and incredibly humbling to be looking over the edge like this.  We're ready to learn to fly. Between the day to day activities that sustain us, we are building a road map that outlines how we grow as a business and as a member of our local and outdoor communities.  The ideas we have that connect us with the people where we live, and the people who love the same sports we do, are endless. Many of these ideas require resources and time we don't have.  Yet. We want to make our goals and ideas for supporting our community public. It gives us a bit of motivation in addition to sharing our success and plans with the people who are interested. Keep an eye out for our road map to go live on the site later this year.  Have an idea or want to work with us on something for community involvement?  Contact us here.

We've started to implement things that are within our grasp.

We helped our friends at Oly Women On The Fly build a tradeshow booth for the Ellensburg Fly fishing fair.  We've donated some of our apparel to event raffles that benefit organizations like the Wild Steelhead Coalition  and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest WA.  Most recently we hosted a really fun fly tying event with Oly Women On The Fly and Fly Fishing The Drift. It's easy to sit at a desk and crank out paid Facebook ads.  Diverting our effort and resources to things that connect us with people illuminates Trxstle in a positive light. It makes the right people aware of us. It has the effect of providing something valuable and memorable to the communities we are a part of.  Call it smart marketing, good business, helping your community, the results are the same.  Trxstle and the communities it participates in grow together in a positive way.  We'd like to thank those of you we have worked with in these efforts. Additionally, we look forward to those who we will work with in the future.  Tight lines of all kinds. Here are some great photos of our recent fly tying night, taken by our go-to photographer, Greg from LIONSDENPRO.

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