Behind The Curtain

Fake it 'till you make it
I'm sure many of you are familiar with the idea, or have at least heard the saying, fake it till you make it or act the part. These phrases and the mindsets behind them always seem to work their way into discussions about success, business and achieving ones goals. Quite honestly, this has been a challenging topic for me, often creating an internal struggle when it comes to Trxstle and how we position the brand. Do we try and portray a larger image to our audience so the brand is seen as big and successful thus encouraging customers to put their faith in us? Or do we show how small we are and embrace this stage of our company? There are undoubtedly pros and cons for each, but the ultimate decision became obvious once we sat down and thought more deeply about it.
Behind the curtain
Behind the curtain
Honesty and transparency are important parts of our core values. That's pretty easy to say I know, but we really take this seriously. From always responding personally to social media messages, replying to customer emails within hours (usually minutes) and always being open and upfront with our process, we really do our best to operate within these values. So when we sat down and started discussing the image of Trxstle and how we portray it, we just couldn't get over the feeling that depicting ourselves as anything besides the raw truth of where we are at as a company right now would be nothing short of a lie. And that is completely unacceptable. It can be alluring to try and put on a show of success with truckloads of product leaving to all corners of the globe (no, we don't actually think the globe has corners). But we decided that we would instead make an effort to show the inner struggles and triumphs of a small business working hard to make original, quality products, no smoke and mirrors. And that is the foundation for our new initiative we have dubbed Behind the Curtain. The title is a nod to a previous engineering colleague both Morgan and I had the pleasure of working with who was fond of saying "Don't let them see behind the curtain just yet' as it pertained to engineering projects that weren't quite ready for the clients eyes. We love ya, Bob!
We're a small company, and that's okay with us

This initiative is really quite simple. We'll be posting blogs, content on social media, live Q&As, virtual tours of Trxstle HQ, short videos, etc. All in an effort to show who we are and what Trxstle is really all about, both holistically and on the day-to-day. The goal is a more unpolished and behind-the-scenes look. We don't need to spend thousands of dollars and have trendy music to show you what we're up to. We are small. Up until earlier this year it has been just Morgan and I. To start, we want to shed some light on our first two employees, Chris and Pat. We want to showcase our team members across the country and how much their support and efforts have meant to us these past few years. We want to show where we work, what we are working on and what is on the horizon.

Our promise
Our desire is to be different than the big companies by fostering a more personal relationship with all of you. That's something special that we have to offer, and its something we are really proud of. More importantly, its something that will never change even as Trxstle continues to grow, we promise you that. Look for more Behind the Curtain content to start popping up all over as the year progresses. We really hope you enjoy it. John Smigaj, CEO & Co-Founder

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