Article On Fundera Ledger


Trxstle is honored to be included in the most recent Fundera Ledger article for small business promotions. We hope that it can inspire other entrepreneurs and small businesses to get their name out there and really engage with their customers.

Also, we want to say thank you to all of our followers on social media that allow us to share our stories, photos and products with you. You all rock!

Below is an excerpt of our contribution to the article. You can read the full article HERE.

4. Try Low-Budget Instagram Campaigns

“As an outdoor product company startup located in the Pacific Northwest region of the US, promoting our upcoming products and apparel is key to our success.

Our efforts have been heavily focused on social media. As a startup operating on a small budget, the power of Instagram and free marketing potential is very compelling. This platform has been the source for all of our successful small business promotions.

Specifically, we wanted to raise brand awareness to multi-sport individuals who participate in the outdoor adventures we provide products for. Ultimately, we wanted to direct them to our new web store so they could have access to early product releases and learn more about who we are via our story and blog webpages.

The most successful of our small business promotions was using the free app Canva to create our own advertisement on Instagram. Canva allowed us to use our own original photos, add custom fonts, and use pre-existing word art to make our ad modern and appealing. It also has set templates to make sure your promotion fits the parameters of whatever social media platform you plan to use it for. Also, it’s free.

We used this tool to alert our social media followers that we were starting our soft launch with a select few pieces of apparel and accessories. We not only sold out of multiple sizes of tees in the first day of the promotion but saw a spike of almost 400 visits on our website! I believe the key to its success was the diligent work of our social media team in providing quality content and constant engagement on Instagram, thus creating a following of over 1,000 people before launching the promotion.”

—John Smigaj, co-founder of Trxstle