Ambassadors & Father's Day


Father’s Day in Alaska…where to begin? Let’s just start when we landed in Kodiak and skip the flying drama…which we definitely had…as usual… The Kodiak trip lasted 12 days and as most trips do, went by way to fast. I was fortunate to spend the trip with my Father on Father’s Day, as well as with our two new Trxstle brand ambassadors,

Matthew Nottingham and Bri Sweningson (@truttaham and @Bri_Sweningson). Our group was also lucky to have Matt’s Dad , Dan the man, with us which made for a really special Father’s Day adventure.

The plan was to do some deep sea fishing near Chenega Bay, stay a night or two at the cabin in Pasagshak and then board our flight to the uninhabited backside of the island and swing some flies for the illusive king salmon.Well, sometimes things don’t go according to plan and boats breakdown. So, we boarded the 1950’s beaver float planes and took off for the backcountry a day early. About an hour later, we landed on the river, unloaded our gear, waved goodbye to our pilot (thanks Josh!) and just like that we were on our own for the next 8 days.

I have to be honest…

…and tell you all that this is probably the most wild and untouched place I have ever been. For hundreds of miles there is nothing but fish, bears, Sitka black tail and foxes. Oh, and about 100 billion flies per square inch. But, it was finally time to rig up our fly rods, tie on that lucky streamer and head out to the first hole. And guess what!? Hookup!

Ok ok, it was an overzealous and hungry steelhead, not a king – but it still got the juices flowing. Matt landed and released this first beautiful fish and it set the pace for the rest of the trip. We spent the days hiking miles through the tundra down river in search of king salmon, and our nights drinking whisky (affectionately called “back-medicine”). The fishing was tough (it always is), but we made it happen. Matt and Bri really pushed hard for every fish, and their efforts paid off. These two tore it up!

We also got taught a thing or two from our Dad’s, which is something that I hope I always remember. These guys were up later than all of us drinking, smoking cigars, and telling fish stories – and the first ones up and to the fishing holes before I could even drag my ass out of bed. Lesson learned.

I could write for hours

about this trip, but I probably wouldn’t want to read all that. SO, check out this sweet short film that our new Trxstle ambassador Bri Sweningson filmed and edited. It does a better job of showcasing the trip than I could ever hope to with my scattered rambling.

Thank you to our new ambassadors

Matt and Bri for such an incredible trip and for partnering with Trxstle as our first brand ambassadors – we hope you are as pumped to be on board as we are to have you! Thanks to Dan Nottingham for always showing us how to do this thing called fly fishing and keeping everyone geared up with the hot fly. And a special thanks to my Dad for being someone I can always look up to and for being the best fishing partner anyone could ask for. Love you Dad.

And a happy belated Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!