10,000th Cast

Forward by Trxstle. Words, photos and video by Waist Deep Media.
The film you are about to watch is something special. If you've ever hooked and landed a steelhead, or helped a friend do the same, you know how rare and exciting the experience is. You know the sudden rush of a steelhead take on the swing. You know that it can take a lifetime on the water for what seems like an instance of pure joy. And you know its totally worth it.
So, take a deep breath, relax, and step into the river to experience the thrill of landing a steelhead through this unique film, captured overhead by drone and produced audio free by Waist Deep Media.
10000th Cast Steelhead - Spey Cast
10,000th Cast
Steelhead fishing in the PNW is a lifetime pursuit. Swinging flies for steelhead is another endeavour entirely. Conditions rarely line up to film this type of unlikely connection from the air. After all, drones are noisy and who wants to take the blame for spooking the run with that jazz?
10000th Cast Steelhead - Confluence and Boat

But if you are prepared and patient, sometimes the cosmos throws you a bone and a magic moment is immortalized in a way once only pictured in our dreams. 
10000th Cast Steelhead - Spey Cast 2

Friendships forged on the river seem to stand the tests of time. This story is no different. Three people, three friendships, all born out of the same waters and one fish that gave her all. 
10000th Cast Steelhead - Drone Raft
10000th Cast Steelhead - The Fly That Caught The Fish

A surprise season that rewarded the patient and an example of compromise between anglers and organizations in a movement towards a sustainable future. 
10000th Cast Steelhead - Jordan Fish
10000th Cast Steelhead - Grip & Grin Chrome
10000th Cast Steelhead - big rainbow

Thank you anglers, let’s continue to work together for the future of our fisheries
Enjoy the film!

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