Trip Reports

Fishing Buddies


Up early. WAY too many flies loaded. Bikes. Boards. Dogs. Fuel. Beer. Coffee.  Just like that, a few of the Trxstle crew took off toward one of our favorite spots in Central Oregon. And with a short 4 hour drive over Mt. Hood, we found ourselves isolated in a beautiful high desert landscape.

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Ambassadors & Father’s Day


Father’s Day in Alaska…where to begin? Let’s just start when we landed in Kodiak and skip the flying drama…which we definitely had…as usual… The Kodiak trip lasted 12 days and as most trips do, went by way to fast. I was fortunate to spend the trip with my Father on Father’s Day, as well as with our two new Trxstle brand ambassadors,  Read more “Ambassadors & Father’s Day”


Article On Fundera Ledger


Trxstle is honored to be included in the most recent Fundera Ledger article for small business promotions. We hope that it can inspire other entrepreneurs and small businesses to get their name out there and really engage with their customers.

Also, we want to say thank you to all of our followers on social media that allow us to share our stories, photos and products with you. You all rock! Read more “Article On Fundera Ledger”


LionsDen Pro Collaboration


The Trxstle crew had the privilege of heading to central Oregon with a few friends and LionsDen Pro Media Productions this past weekend. This was our first time working in collaboration with Greg Raines and we had a simple goal of generating welcome screen content for the website.  What we ended up with was much more.  Greg took over 600 combined photos and videos in addition to swinging flies for the first time in his life. Read more “LionsDen Pro Collaboration”

Trestle high steel bridge, WA. An example of where our name Trxstle comes from. News

Thanks for Visiting

Welcome to Trxstle (say “trestle”, like the bridge)

This soft launch of our website is our way of introducing who we are.  Find out what we care about, and what you can expect from us.  It represents the culmination of years of planning, work, implementation, testing, sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, you get the picture. Read more “Thanks for Visiting”