Joe Davies
Park City, UT | Aerial Olympic Ski Team Coach | Multi-Sport Athlete | MTB Grudge Holder | Johnny Depp Imposter
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Bri Sweningson
Montana Proud | Classic Camper Renovator | Casual Poultry Farmer | Positivity Guru | Boxed Wine Aficionado
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Matt Nottingham
Montana Native | Seeker Of Fins | Mediocre Wood Chopper | Keeper Of Secret Spots
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Janelle Johnson
Oregonian | Master Of Accents | Seeker Of All Things Fun | Photographer | Contagious Laugher
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Taylor Stinnett
Bend, OR | Fly Thrower | Coors Connoisseur | Pup Whisperer | Prefers Waders To Pants
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A Quick Word…

Our ambassadors do so much more than just rep our gear – they’re family. We are blown away every week by the feedback we hear from, and about these folks. The Trxstle team followed all of our brand ambassadors on various platforms long before we brought them on-board. We are their biggest fans and feel lucky to be part of the adventures they pursue.

Cheers to you all – and thank you for being such a huge part of Trxstle.

Want to Join The Crew?

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